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"Missed Opportunity" Column Missing Sensitivity

Reported by Judy - July 7, 2005

John Gibson really stepped in it Wednesday (July 6, 2005) with his "My Word" column, when he said he wished the Olympic selection committee had picked Paris for the 2012 games so he could watch them deal with terrorism threats. Today, London, the other city on the Olympic committee's short list, was hit by multiple coordinated terrorist attacks.

In a column titled "Missed Opportunity," Gibson said the committee screwed up in not picking Paris for the Olympics because "it would have been a three-week period where we wouldn't have had to worry about terrorism."

He described the French as being "up to their eyeballs in terrorists" and said "it would have been a treat" to watch them handle the security situation for the Olympic games.

The French, he said, either would have paid off the terrorists so things would have been calm or would have had to "throw them in the clink, or ship them off to North Africa pronto" instead of giving them the rights the French insist the U.S. give prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

"It would have been a delight to have Parisians worried about security instead of New Yorkers. It would have been exquisite to watch, he said.

Is Gibson saying he thinks it is "exquisite" to watch cities outside the U.S. being bombed? Is he inviting terrorists to attack Paris, implying that the U.S. would not be overly concerned about cooperating in finding who was responsible?

So what does Gibson think about attacks on European cities today? Great Britain has many Arab residents. Is it also up to its eyeballs in home grown terrorists and is it a "treat" to watch them deal with the situation? Is he relieved that New Yorkers don't have to worry about security right now because London has to?

Does this guy have any idea how stupid he looks, with dozens dead in London a day after he writes it would be "exquisite" to watch another European city deal with terrorism?

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