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Pentagon studying remedies for "overextended" military...anyone else feel a draft?

Reported by Chrish - July 6, 2005

Introducing a segment called "New Strategy?" on the Big Story today 7/05/05, substitute host Judge Andrew Napolitano said that "according to the New York Times, the Pentagon may be rethinking the way we prepare our troops for war. Currently our military is set up to maintain two major campaigns at one time,
but what if, what if another conflict 'suddenly' arises? And what about the war on terror?"

Retired US Marine Lt. Col.Bill Cowan, frequent Fox guest, was on hand to discuss possible changes.

He said, essentially, that we are facing Iran and Syria but we are already overextended in Iraq.

Asked by Napolitano why we would be changing strategy now, in the middle of a war, he replied, again, that we are overextended in Iraq. ($5 billion/month, 138,000 troops in Iraq, another 18,000 in Afghanistan). If either Iran or North Korea suddenly became a major problem for us we'd have a tough time doing what we would have to do.

Napolitano puts forth several possible scenarios: what if North Korea decides to invade South Korea? What if China decides to take over Taiwan? What if Iran points nukes at Israel? Can we resist these tyrannies while fighting in Afg. and Iraq today? (Note: as he is proposing these actions, the video footage is of various marching armies, non-American.)

Cowan says in his opinion if any of these scenarios played out in the short-term we would be extremely hard-pressed and would probably have to draw down the troop numbers in Iraq, impacting the outcomes in Iraq and ultimately in the war on terror. He said one of the problems today is we are spending massive amounts of money on large platforms and weaponry of questionable value in terms of the conflicts we're in today. Rumsfeld, he said, is big on transforming the military from a heavy, slow-moving force to a lighter, more agile one, and there are a lot of people in the Pentagon waiting for him to leave because they are opposed to those policies.

Napolitano asks what's the answer, more manpower? More money? More technolgy?

Cowan, not part of the current review, says we won't know until the recommendations come out next year but he knows there WILL be complaining by some parties.

Comment: Apparently underestimating the length and cost of the current pre-emptive war, Rumsfeld and company have to figure out a way to proceed with the long-ago hatched plan to take over the Middle East and its oil. Having failed to drum up support with Bush's "important speech on Iraq" last week they will return to the trusted tools of fear with Fox gladly supplying the amplification. I suggest that the next stop for their recruiting tour be all the church congregations who so fervently supported their man last November.

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