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Karl Rove and Fox's Continuing Silence

Reported by Nancy - July 6, 2005 -

Yesterday (7/5) on Dayside, guest host Juliet Huddy dedicated approximately one minute at the end of the show to coverage of the Valerie Plame case. The short segment (following stories on Natalee Holloway, Shasta Grone, and a few jabs at the French) began with a "Fox News Alert!"

JH: "A Dayside News Alert. A federal prosecutor is demanding that Time Magazine reporter Matt Cooper testify before a grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA officer's identity even though Time has surrendered e-mails and other documents in the probe. Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald also opposed the request of Cooper and New York Times reporter Judith Miller to be granted home detention instead of jail for refusing to reveal their sources. Last week, Time Magazine said it was delivering Cooper's notes to the special prosecutor investigating who in the Bush administration disclosed the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame. The case has sparked one of the most serious Constitutional clashes between the media and the government in three decades, and we'll keep you updated on that."
Comments: Last week, Linda Vester spent a good portion of the week conducting a few actual Fair and Balanced debates on the topic of the Plame case, even bashing beloved Bob Novak and questioning why he hasn't been arrested. Suddenly, since Rove's implication in the matter, the segments on Dayside have decreased dramatically. Huddy kept today's segment short and sweet, and even promised to keep us "updated on that". Unfortunately, Fox either doesn't have the same sources as the rest of the media, or is blatantly ignoring the events of the last few days, because in no way did Fox keep us updated by failing to mention a huge breakthrough in the case that is potentially damaging to the entire administration and the Republican party. 

Reported by Janie