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Ill-Informed? That Would Probably Be a Step Up

Reported by Nancy - July 6, 2005 -

If you watched the last 2 hours of FNL today (7/6), you would have seen & heard yet more repetition of speculation & previously reported details on Natalee Holloway & Shasta Groene. The G8 meeting was discussed only as an excuse to indulge in both cheerleading for Bush & bashing everyone else (protesters, Europeans, "corrupt African dictators", Russia, environmentalists). But you'd have no idea that anything else was going on in the world.

Here's the rundown of which stories were covered during the last 2 hours of FNL:
11:00am - Groene
11:06am - ALERT - L Patrick Gray (FBI director during Watergate) died
11:06am - Holloway (including clip of Greta van Susteren interview & plug
11:10am - Bush in Denmark, Scotland
11:11am - teasers: G8; SUV "taking a dive" in a swimming pool; weather
11:14am - ALERT - "even though the President is overseas" he's named former Senator Fred Thompson to "shepherd" his SCOTUS nominee through the Senate
11:15am - Hollway
11:15am - G8 protesters
11:19am - teasers: Holloway; possible pharmacy strike?
11:23am - ALERT - Bush has named Fred Thompson to "informal" capacity to help SCOTUS nominee through nomination process
11:24am - video of tropical storm Cindy hitting Biloxi, MS -
11:25am - Holloway
11:31am - ALERT - update on search for the 4th missing Navy Seal in Afghanistan
11:32am - teaser: weather
11:34am - weather report
11:37am - Bush at G8
11:39am - Holloway
11:40am - teasers: Holloway; Groening
11:43am - ALERT - repeat of earlier update on the search for the 4th missing Navy Seal in Afghanistan
11:43am - Groene
11:49am - teasers: Holloway; Jennifer Tilley
11:52am - ALERT - Holloway
11:54am - Jennifer Tilley
11:57am - teaser: Groene
12:00pm - Holloway
12:04pm - tropical storm Cindy
12:09pm - 2 hate crimes in NY
12:10pm - teasers: Holloway; Groene; "SHARK SIGHTINGS"
12:13pm - G8 (interview of "world's most candid diplomat" Lawrence Eagleburger)
12:19pm - teasers: Holloway; "incredible video" as police nab suspected robber; weather
12:22pm - Holloway (impact on tourism), ending with plug for
12:28pm - teasers: Groene; "SHARK FRENZY" in Texas
12:31pm - headlines: L Patrick Gray died; Afghan rebels attack US medics; Egyptian envoy kidnapped in Baghdad; audio message from Zarqawi
12:33pm - Groene
12:36pm - Bush at G8
12:38pm - shark sightings in Texas
12:39pm - teasers: banking umbilical cord stem cells; weather; Groening
12:42pm - banking umbilical cord stem cells
12:44pm - ALERT - weather
12:46pm - teasers: Groene; thief's daughter; Asman Observer
12:50pm - Groene
12:56pm - teasers: Asman Observer; Holloway; Dayside
12:58pm - Asman Observer - did New Yorkers really want the 2012 Olympic Games? (bashing Mayor Bloomberg, whom he called "Bloomie", Sen HClinton, whom he called simply Hillary, & of course the French).

Comments:Interesting that the 11:19am teaser about a possible pharmacy strike (spun as the usual fear-mongering "you might have trouble getting your prescriptions filled") was not followed up with an actual story. But I guess that counts as a "health-related story" by FNL's standards.

Top stories elsewhere during these 2 hours included:
*Study debunks aspirin, vitamin E
*Images of comet impact yield lots of surprises
*Chrysler, Ford follow GM [extending employee discount to car buyers]
Yahoo news:
*Chilean court strips Pinochet of immunity
*James Stockdale, Perot running mate, dies
*Russian space agency signs tourist deal
*'Honor' rape: Five Pakistanis held
*New York's dreams for 2012 Olympics dashed
*Prosecutor: Time reporter must testify about CIA leak
*The New Africa: The story of the continent from an African perspective
*Dalai Lama turns 70
*Somalia march triggers war fear

So today's episode of FNL was just another brick in the wall of evidence for why Fox viewers are so abysmally ill-informed.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's lack of "hard news"). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.