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Holloway Suspects Convicted Before Trial

Reported by Ellen - July 6, 2005

Let me start by saying that if I were a relative of Natalee Holloway, I'd probably try to use the media as best I could to find her, too. But I find it disturbing for the media to allow Beth Holloway Twitty, Natalee's mother, to go on TV and dictate to a foreign government that it should consider as criminals suspects who have been neither charged nor tried. Worse, neither of the two TV hosts nor the two attorney-panelists even seemed to notice or care.

The clip of Twitty's tearful plea on last night's Hannnity, Holloway & Colmes began "It is now that I ask the world to help me. Two suspects were released yesterday who were involved in a violent crime against my daughter. These criminals are not only allowed to walk freely among the tourists and citizens of Aruba but there are no limits where they may choose to travel. I am asking all mothers and fathers in all nations to hear my plea. I implore you. Do not allow these two suspects, the Kalpoe brothers, to enter your country until this case is solved. Do not allow these criminals to walk among your citizens. Help me by not allowing these two to get away with this crime."

After Twitty's entreaty, which Alan Colmes later described as "handling herself marvelously," Jeanine Pirro, the Westcher, NY District Attorney who just happens to be a likely candidate against Hillary Clinton's bid for re-election to the Senate, and FOX News analyst Peter Johnson joined Hannity and Colmes to knock the Aruban justice system. Johnson likened the Arubans to Inspector Clouseau and Keystone Cops, though he later admitted he didn't know anything about Aruban law.

"Didn't we hear that one of them had changed the story... Couldn't that be obstruction of justice?" Colmes asked.

Johnson said, "There's a whole range of charges that could in fact be brought here." How he knew that when he knew nothing about Aruban law was never brought up.

Sherlock Sean Hannity proved his investigative perspicacity (despite not having set foot on the crime scene) when he told Pirro, "What I'm concerned about Jeanine, is the lie. We know they lied. We know they were let free and we know that they were let free at another critical juncture where they had 10 days where they could have covered up any evidence that might have remained in this case... I gotta tell you this is the feeling that we have in this country by a lot of people. That this investigation was bungled from the start, that there seems to be corruption at the highest levels at the minimum, and incompetence at another level."

Johnson, who you'd think as a legal analyst might provide some kind of objective analysis, ended with this comment: "It's not a mystery. This woman was killed. Where's the evidence? Let's get it wrapped up."

By all means! Time for the Holloway family to demand extraordinary rendition and send those suspects to Guantanamo Bay so they can receive water boarding and be treated with all those other unconvicted suspects that FOX News "knows" are guilty. After all, the Aruban suspects are not soldiers and they're not Americans so they don't deserve the Geneva Conventions.

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