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FNC's Big Story misses - again

Reported by Chrish - July 6, 2005

The Big Story today 7/05/05, according to the Fox Noise Channel, was the Groene case in Idaho (Banner: "What's next in Groene case?"). A close second was the ongoing search for missing Natalee Holloway. The first 12 minutes of the 60-minute program were devoted to these two personal tragedies, with in-depth investigative reporting hosted by substitute Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Karl who, you say?

The next segment was on a topic of a bit more national importance, Bush's trip to Europe for the G8 Summit. The summary of his schedule today and topics to be discussed tomorrow occupied 2 minutes or so, then a minute of teasers and another break.

The next segment, which I haven't seen before, was graphically called "Political Smackdown" and featured Ralph Neas of PFAW and C. Boyden Gray, former counsel to GHW Bush. They discussed the impending nomination with predictable viewpoints for about 4 minutes; then more teasers and a commercial break.

After a minute of storm tracking (good luck to our readers on the Gulf Coast!), another angle was addressed in the Natalee Holloway case for another 4 minutes. The bottom of the hour's headlines were 1. the Egyptian envoy to Iraq was kidnapped in Baghdad, purportedly by Al Queda; 2. Matt Cooper of Time Magazine may soon be behind bars for refusing to reveal his sources. The piece verbatim follows:

"Time Magazine reporter Matthew Cooper may soon be behind bars, but first he's being asked to testify in the investigation of the leak of a CIA agent's identity. If he does not he could be heading to jail as early as tomorrow. Last week Time handed prosecutors Cooper's notes on the story, a measure it said should keep Cooper from going to jail, but the Feds now want Cooper to take the stand. New York Times reporter Judith Miller is also part of the investigation; she could also go to jail because she has not cooperated with prosecutors."

Karl who, you say?

The remaining headlines were about Merck's failed attempt to postpone jury selection in the Vioxx wrongful death trial and a Ferrari that caught fire.

The next report, that incidents of terrorism were undercounted/under-reported for 2004 (previous number 651; revised number 3,192. Number of victims affected 28,433; 19% committed by Islamic extremists) took 3 minutes, most of it spent reassuring viewers that a change in the way the number is calculated had more to do with the increase than any actual increase in incidents.

The judge then slipped in a truly big story, saying the Pentagon may be rethinking the way it trains our troops for war. Currently they are prepared to engage in two major campaigns at one time, "but what if, what if another conflict 'suddenly' arises? And what about the war on terror?" Bill Cowan was on to discuss possible changes. See seperate post for details. (Break)

More distraction was needed after this sobering story, so Ellis Hennican came on for a couple of minutes to discuss and cheerlead for NYC as site of the 2012 Summer Olympics. (Break) We got another minute or so of Groene coverage. (Break) The final story was about Martha "M Diddy" Stewart's house arrest. The judge closed it by saying to his guest Roger Freidman, FOXNews.com columnist, "it's so nice to see you on a non-Michael Jackson story." Friedman replied "and there'll be more.'

Comment: No doubt - there's always some celebrity noise or missing child or shark attack or wicked weather to keep the masses distracted.

So on a day when real newswatchers are searching for more information on the Time Inc. revelations The Big Story has zilch. After 3 days they still haven't figured the spin on it, so ignore, ignore, ignore.

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