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Is Fox News Recruiting Scabs to Replace Striking Union Miners at ASARCO?

Reported by Melanie - July 5, 2005

The last segment on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (July 5, 2005) was about a "copper boom." A copper boom? Copper? What's with talking about copper? Since when do 24/7 cable news networks talk about the price of copper?

And, copper? During the last segment? Your World is usually winding down with fluff (er, sex), by then.

I decided to Google "copper," and I found this at Bloomberg: Copper Climbs for a Second Day After Strikes in Arizona, Chile.

Here's the first sentence of the Bloomberg article:

July 5 (Bloomberg) -- Copper futures rose for a second straight day in London after Grupo Mexico SA, the world's No. 4 copper producer, said strikes at most of its mines in Arizona this month may halve its expected annual output in the U.S.

Back at Fox, reporter William LaJeunesse reported the story like this:

"Well, Terry, you know there's a strike going on right now in Chile, you have strong demand in Europe and China, and inventories are at a 31 year low." (Comment: Why didn't LaJeunesse mention the strike in Arizona? Because in Foxland, American workers are happy and prosperous and corporations are generous and patriotic.) LaJeunesse said the price of copper has "doubled in the last two years, to $l.50 pound," and the boom is being fueled by "a hot home building market here in the US," and "a tech and infrastructure boom in China."

After a brief video clip featuring an industry expert, LaJeunesse said the boom was "not only helping Chile," but "of course, towns in Arizona like Superior, Arizona." (Comment: Helping Chile? Helping towns in Arizona? Helping ASARCO maybe (see below, "here's why" link) but certainly not the poor striking workers there.) He said, "these are boom towns that had gone bust when copper fell out about nine years ago." He said new mines are already being planned in Arizona, and "they expect a thousand jobs here, bringing once again, some copper fever."

Fox then cut to a clip of the Mayor of Superior, Arizona, who said people are fixing up their houses and making money selling them to the new people moving to town. (Comment: Again, no mention of the strike there.)

LeJeunesse concluded by saying old Arizona "mining towns," including Hayden (see below "here's why" link), you "never heard of before, they, once again, are experiencing this Renaissance."

He signed off and guest host Terry Keenan said, "All right, good news for those towns."

Comment: Renaissance? Good news for those towns!? The residents are the miners and the miners are on strike (here's why)!!

LaJeunesse's report sounded like a recruiting video, urging unemployed Fox viewers to pack their bags and head to Arizona. Hey, maybe ASARCO can replace the striking union workers with desperate Fox watchers!

Is corporate media joining corporate America in a new and innovative way? To recrute workers and bust unions? Think about it for a minute. Think about the possibilities. They scare me to death.

(Here's the definition of scab.)

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