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Reported by Nancy - July 2, 2005 -

Yesterday (7/1), FNL was euphoric over the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor . Not only were they salivating over the prospect of Bush getting to appoint some radical reactionary to SCOTUS, they were ecstatic at the opportunity to do some pre-emptive Dem-bashing. And I've got a theory about why ...

The last 2 hours of the program were all O'Connor -- here's a *very* abridged rundown, with key words in the reports in ALL CAPS:

11:00am - Specter statement (not in full)
11:07am - Megyn Kendall - "BATTLE"
11:08am - Jon Scott - waiting for statement from Bush
11:09am - Carl Cameron at the White House - caught a glimpse of the Pres on the phone, he was "CLEARLY ANIMATED"; beginning of a "MAJOR battle" in DC; "WAR ROOM"
11:14an - Jim Angle - "poised to JUMP INTO BATTLE", "you will have a BATTLE ROYAL here"
11:15am - live to Bush statement
11:18am - Brigitte Quinn bloviated & speculated
11:19am - Cameron - recap of what Bush said, including that he will consult with Congress which is "MANNA FROM HEAVEN" for Dems
11:21am - Gregg Jarrett in for David Asman - showed & read SDO resignation statement
11:22am - Quinn - repeated that SDO is retiring
11:23am - Scott interviewed C Boyden Gray (GOP, former White House counsel) about the "PITCHED BATTLE"
11:30am - Jarrett recapped - "FAIRLY VIGOROUS BATTLE"
11:30am - MKendall essentially repeated her earlier report
11:32am - Quinn recapped Bush's statement, then showed clip of Bush making the statement
11:33am - Chris Wallace analyzed Bush's statement - liberal activist groups are going to say ANY vacancy is extraordinary - when Reagan nom Bork, Ted Kennedy made speech on Sen floor painting Bork as extremist, nominee should be judged "on merits not on KNEE-JERK LIBERAL REACTION"
11:38am - replay clip of Specter statement
11:39am - back to interview with CBGray
11:46am - Quinn recapped

Comments: Frankly, I couldn't watch any more. I fast-forwarded through the rest of the tape, stopping briefly every few minutes, & it was all just more of the same.

My theory: Isn't it curious that O'Connor resigned (taking most people "by surprise", if you believe what most people are saying) just when Bush badly needed a ratings boost & right after his most recent attempt to continue hoodwinking the morons fell flat on its face? A vacancy on SCOTUS is both a distraction from ugly little problems (Gitmo, Iraq, Downing St memos, etc etc etc) & a chance for Bush to play to his base by nominating a reactionary. I can't help but wonder who got to O'Connor. She's always been a good little conservative, but this falling-on-her-sword routine is definitely above & beyond the call of duty. For Fox, this is a win-win: they get to do yet more fawning coverage of all things Bush, & yet more bashing of anyone who opposes any Bush whim.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (O'Connor resignation, FNL's coverage of it). Please don't bother posting that other cable news channels were equally wall-to-wall with O'Connor -- this is about Fox. O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.