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We Want Answers - And We CAN Handle the Truth

Reported by Nancy - July 1, 2005 -

Wednesday (6/29) on Dayside, Linda Vester discussed President Bush's speech from the previous evening with Fox Correspondent Dan Senor:

LV:  "Of the few critical comments coming into Dayside about last night's speech, we're getting certain questions from many of them, why didn't the president give more specifics about Iraq to the public. Dan Senor is a former spokesman for the Coalition in Baghdad, he's now a Fox News Contributor. Dan, is there a reason that you think the President didn't get more specific, for instance on what we're doing on the Syrian border, or you know, how many Iraqis we've already trained and how many more are left to go."
DS: "I think he would have given more specifics if there were new specifics. But there really weren't new specifics because the policy hasn't changed. It's interesting, this speech was really intended to remind Americans why we're in Iraq, what the stakes are, what the road ahead is like, that it's going to be tough, it's going to be tougher than some of us had thought. But it's important to stay engaged and now withdrawal prematurely or not withdrawal according to some timetable. That is what the focus of the speech was, it wasn't to unveil some sort of new policy."
Comments: First, Vester begins by stating that she received very few e-mails from viewers that were critical of Bush's speech. Vester attempts to make it appear that there were very few that had issues with Bush's speech and proves what a highly Republican audience Fox truly has. According to the most recent Zogby poll, taken after the speech, there was absolutely no change in the President's approval rating as a result of the speech, and it also shows that at least 42% of Americans are calling for impeachment.
Second, Dan Senor states that there are no new specifics to be given. This directly contradicts comments made by Presidential Press Secretary Scott McClellan, who in a June 27 press conference, stated FOUR times that the President would give specifics during the speech:
 * "He's going to be talking in a very specific way about what that strategy is."
 * "Tomorrow, the President will also talk about the strategy for success. He will talk in a very specific way about the way forward."
 * "As I said, this is a new speech. And the President will be talking in a very specific way about the strategy for succeeding in Iraq"  
 * "But this is going to be the President talking about it in a very specific way, about where we are for succeeding and where we are in implementing that strategy."
Senor attempts to gloss over the fact that the President's speech was much of the same by leading the audience to believe that there really is nothing new to tell us, but from the mouth of the President's very own Press Secretary, we should have heard many new and specific ideas for the war on Iraq.

Throughout the remainder of the segment, Senor's comments were unchallenged and were allowed to be perceived as fact by the viewing audience.
Reported by Janie