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The Rehabilitation of Mark Fuhrman

Reported by Ellen - July 1, 2005

Mark Fuhrman who has a distasteful past as a racist and a perjurer is being rehabilitated before our eyes on FOX News. Not only a regular guest on the network, he has now written a book, published by a sister company of FOX News, at the urging of Sean Hannity. It seems to be a hastily put-together version of the Terri Schiavo case as seen from her parents' perspective only. In a pre-recorded interview during Holloway & Colmes last night, the otherwise absent Sean Hannity promoted the book in the form of an interview with Fuhrman and the Schindlers. There was nothing but compliments all around except, of course, regarding Michael Schiavo.

Mark Fuhrman and his book were introduced without mention of either the connection to FOX or Hannity.

Mary Schindler started off by saying she read the book and is "so excited" that someone is "finally investigating the death of my daughter." Apparently, Mary Schindler is unaware that Fuhrman didn't do much in the way of investigation. The little he did do consisted almost entirely of interviewing the Schindlers. According to the St. Petersburg Times,

He spent a month researching the case in Florida, meeting with members of the Schindler family eight to 10 times. He said he read some of the court documents, but not all of them, because of time constraints (my emphasis). He spent another few weeks writing the book from an office above his garage, overlooking the Idaho mountains.

Bob Schindler said, not surprisingly, that Fuhrman did "an outstanding job of presenting factual evidence." Not according to the St. Petersburg Times, he didn't. The paper said,

Despite the ambitious promises on the jacket cover, Fuhrman's book asks more questions than it answers. He recites many facts, which appear to be generally accurate, but offers them in a way that casts suspicion on Michael Schiavo... Instead of offering answers, he offers hypotheses.

Hannity asked Fuhrman to "run through" the six possible scenarios that could account for her condition. "Do you want a grand jury? Do you think there's enough evidence?"

MF: Absolutely. You have Michael Schiavo that can't seem to get anything right. I mean, you're either the village idiot or you're hiding something.

Hannity had Fuhrman "walk us through" what happened the night she fell ill. Fuhrman described Schiavo as "playing word games" with the police for having told them there had been "no major arguments" between him and his wife that night and said, based on his review of the evidence, that the police did not adequately investigate. He especially thought they should have probed what Schiavo meant by "no major arguments."

Hannity, who always seems to know better than the police, asked in a self-righteous tone why they didn't investigate further or "look at the inconsistencies here."

Some of the inconsistencies Sherlock Hannity didn't look at were Fuhrman's own troubled past of hostility and violations of the law. For example, he pleaded no contest in 1996 to a felony count of perjury in the O.J. Simpson trial for having denied ever using the N word. In 1995, according to an abstract of the 2/4/95 Editor & Publisher,

Fuhrman assaulted a photographer for the Spokane Spokesman-Review. Fuhrman had just returned from a house-hunting trip in Northern Idaho, and reporters went to question him at Spokane International Airport. He was questioned about the O.J. Simpson case and his part in the trial. Fuhrman was initially cordial, but became angry when Dan McComb began taking pictures, and allegedly hit McComb with a steel briefcase and tore his shirt. Fuhrman claims that the photographer was obstructing his path.

Maybe they just ran out of time and had to get back to the Natalee Holloway story.

As for the book, according to the St. Petersburg Times on June 29, no books had sold at the Borders on North Dale Mabry in Tampa by 3:30 p.m.

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