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Reflections on Year One

Reported by Chrish - July 1, 2005

Realizing we've been at this for a year has brought up a lot of emotions and memories. Here are some thoughts on the time we've spent from the people we've grown to love:


It's hard to believe that a year has already passed since the launch of the good ship News Hounds. It has been a wonderful, fulfilling, and exciting experience. I'm so humbled to be part of such a thoughtful and caring community and at the same time proud of all of us for making it happen.

Watching our stats grow, training a new pup, adding features to the site, earning the recognition of other progressive bloggers...all these milestones have been so energizing. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have met up with Deborah, Donna, Ellen, Judy, Marie Therese, Melanie, and Nancy and look forward to many more years of working with them.

I have a special place in my heart for our blogfather, Jim Gilliam, whose sweetness, patience, and diligence have made this all possible. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for making this whole adventure a reality, and for reminding us to have fun with it.

Hope to see you same time next year.


You can call it devotion, obsession or total commitment. My life now revolves around the News Hounds. We are making a difference and I feel so blessed to wake each morning with such a strong sense of purpose. My anger has turned to unbending resolve and I am continually amazed at my boundless energy for my work on this Blog.
On this anniversary I want to thank Jim Gilliam who is our brilliant and wise spirit guide on this exciting journey and Robert Greenwald who continues to astound us with his good works.To the News Hounds, I will say that you are my true sisters and I can't wait to see what the year ahead will hold.


A special Happy Anniversary to the News Hounds from a newly minted Junior News Hound. I began reading News Hounds almost a year ago and really felt like I had found a home. A very special place where like minded people were. After several months, I was invited to become an apprentice at News Hounds. I've been covering Studio B for about six months now and have really enjoyed my experience here. The News Hounds are welcoming as are the posters. The posters, what can I say? I learn something new, each and every day from them and have really begun to think of us all as family. So, thanks to each News Hound and thanks to each poster. It really has been a pleasure and I hope we have many more anniversaries to come.


The past year? Let's see ....

Hundreds of hours of monitoring.
Sleep requirement - 4 hours a night.
Writer's cramp.
Typist's cramp.

Hurling a glass at my television, watching it shatter, and living since then with a damaged screen - penitence for a moment of absolute, searing anger as I realized that the village idiot had actually won this time!

Horrific post-election depression and anger, healed by the support of the incredible women I work with here and the wisdom of one equally incredible man, Jim Gilliam, our indispensable blogfather.

The decision to fight on, to use the blog to expose FOX News for what it is - a wooden-headed dummy sitting on the knee of Karl Rove.

Exhilaration as our stats kept rising and rising. Dumbfounded awe at the level of the commentary so faithfully recorded by you, our readers. A year like no other and one I wouldn't trade for all the gold in Fort Knox!


A year? Already?

People ask me how I do it. They wonder how I tolerate watching Fox News five hours a week. I tell them I believe our country is suffering, weeping actually, from the lack of a vigorous and fearless press - the very foundation of a democracy. I tell them I can't not watch. I tell them I've got to do something, anything. I tell them I am so frightened about the future of this country that I can't sit still. Monitoring Fox, and doing my teeny, tiny bit to help expose how Fox works to steer good and trusting Americans toward a culture of ignorance, militarism and corporatization is my way of expressing my love for this country.

To my fellow News Hounds, thank you, thank you. You are passionate, strong, good and kind women. You have enriched my life in ways I can't begin to express. You are part of my heart now. To our readers and loyal commentators, thank you. To those who nurtured, encouraged and trusted us, even before we were the News Hounds, XO.

Bring on our second year! I'm ready.


Wow! Our first year has been a roller-coaster ride as we've learned (more or less) to cope with a gazillion different issues involved in maintaining a blog, from the picky technical aspects to dealing with freepers, spammers, & other assorted no-goodniks. You, our readers have provided moral & financial support, news tips, fascinating links, terrific insights, useful info, humor & sometimes profoundly moving commentary -- I can't begin to thank you enough for *all* of that. I know it sounds trite, but you really do make it all worthwhile.

And last, but not least, a few words from our extra special Blogfather,

The one thing I'm most proud of is my involvement with the News Hounds. What they have accomplished in the last year is truly profound and remarkable. Eight women with no connection, coming together from all parts of the country to do a job no one would ever want... watching Fox News... and then KEEP ON DOING IT. It has given me hope for our future, that yes, people really can make a difference if they sacrifice and work their butts off. It's been an amazing, emotional experience working with these women -- all of whom could be my mom (that's meant with love, ladies!).

I cannot stress this enough... little by little, eight women are CHANGING THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL...with a website. That's a big deal, and year 2 is gonna be wild!

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