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Colmes Flusters Hannity With The Truth

Reported by Ellen - July 1, 2005

I don't know whether it was because the vile hate-speech spewing from the mouth of guest Mark R. Levin - egged on by Sean Hannity, of course - was too much for Alan Colmes to endure silently or whether it represents a sea change in the nature of the TV show, itself, but at the end of the segment, Alan told Sean he was wrong about one of his accusations. Whatever the reason, this is a development I (and, I suspect, my fellow Newsies) not only endorse but wholeheartedly encourage.

The entire segment was the usual kind of self-righteous vitriol against Democrats we have come to expect from the likes of Hannity and the other FOX News conservatives. Decrying a long list of Democrats' statements in opposition to some of Bush's judicial nominees, Hannity concluded, as usual, that it was the other side making the attacks. "We had that Durbin-staffer memo that said, 'Oh, we've got to be careful of Miguel Estrada, he's especially dangerous because he has the minimal papal (sic) trail, he's Latino and they're grooming him for the Supreme Court.' These guys are ready for war here, aren't they?"

Levin answered, "Look, this is the last throes of the old, decrepit, hard-line left led by Kennedy and his ilk. This is their last stand. They can't win elections, they can't win the presidency, so they're going to try and impose their will on the president."

Hannity and Levin continued knocking Democrats until the theme music indicated it was time for a break. Ordinarily, the two hosts debate the guests, not each other, but tonight Colmes added, over the music, "The Democrats were not against Estrada because he was Latino. They were afraid he might get in because he's Latino."

Hannity answered, "Well, that's what the memo said. The memo said 'and he's Latino.'"

Colmes: In context though... That's not why... They were afraid he might get in because he's Latino.

Hannity (flustered): Then why would you even bring it up?

Colmes: They were not against him because of his race...

Hannity (flustered): Why would Democrats bring that up?

Colmes: You've got to read that in context.

I realize Hannity deserves so much more than just getting flustered but it's a darn sight better than letting him go unchecked which is what I have seen in the past. You tell him, Alan!

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