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Who Wants War With Iran? FOX Does! FOX Does!

Reported by Ellen - June 30, 2005

In its never-ending quest to push around every other country in the world (except Saudi Arabia and Pakistan), FOX News did its best to whip up enmity against Iran on tonight's Holloway & Colmes.

Taking a brief break from Natalee, Alan Colmes introduced a man named Don Sharer who claims the new president-elect of Iran was one of his captors during the Iran hostage crisis. Colmes asked the inflammatory question, "Is the new president a terrorist?" then introduced Sharer "who recognizes the president elect."

Colmes asked Sharer how he knew this was the guy. Sharer said he just looked at a picture of him in the newspaper, "thought a little longer and I put some times together and I came up with he was one of our captors."

Apparently, that was enough to persuade Colmes and substitute co-host Rich Lowry that the ID was accurate. The only other information sought was just how evil is the guy?

Colmes asked if he had ever been abusive. Sharer didn't have any direct knowledge but it was clear he had the FOX talking points down, so he let us know we should hate the guy anyway. "To me he was extremely cruel looking. His mannerisms were cruel. He's a hardliner and he is completely anti-American and anti Western Europe."

Lowry said that Iranians are denying that the president-elect had any involvement in the hostage crisis but, he added, "then again the Iranians deny that they are developing a nuclear weapon." Then he arrived at the conclusion that it's the same guy. "He looks the same when we see the pictures, the age is about right. You have about five witnesses who say it's the guy. This sounds pretty certain." While he spoke, the screen showed anti-American demonstrators waving their arms in a demonic-looking frenzy.

Comment: I might expect that a "real journalism fair and balanced" news network would find an impartial expert to give an educated opinion as to whether or not it's the same person but apparently that's not necessary when there's a war at stake.

Sharer said he's 99% sure it's the same guy and that he has also heard from a reporter who interviewed him who also agrees. "I just feel that he is the guy because when you're put in a stressful, life-threatening environment, you're gonna remember things that go on around you." Sharer might remember the guy clearly but does that mean he'd correctly recognize him some twenty-odd years later? It was a question that was neither asked nor answered. There were clearly more important things to focus on, like being bellicose.

Lowry said, "Now this was really the founding act of lawlessness of this Iranian regime and it was a violation of the most basic tenets of international law. It would seem to me if he was at all involved in this, he owes the world an apology, he owes us, as americans, an apology and he owes you and all the rest of the hostages an apology."

DS: "Yes, he does. and I just think we ought to freeze every asset they have in this country."

RL: "And it would seem to me he shouldn't be allowed to travel anywhere, given his past... What does it tell you about a political system that produces and elevates this kind of hostage-taker to its presidency?"

DS: It tells me that the Revolutionary Guard and the ayatollahs control who runs for office. I understand about 1000 moderates wanted to run and they weren't allowed to run in the election. What does that tell you about a democracy?

It tells me that FOX is ready to bring it on.

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