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Yipee! Bush is Making a Speech Tonight

Reported by Melanie - June 28, 2005

Fox News is so excited about Bush's "major" speech tonight it can hardly stand it. At 4:14 p.m. ET today during Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox had a breaking news alert, or a "Fox News Alert" as Fox calls it. Cavuto went live to the flag-filled auditorium at Ft. Bragg where Bush will deliver his speech and a banner at the bottom of the screen read: "Pres. Bush 3 Hrs. 46 Min. From Speech at Ft. Bragg."

What followed were four segments during which Cavuto did some pre-speech spinning and his guests talked about what they wanted to hear Bush say.

Brenda Buttner of Fox News said Americans have "become complacent," and that the most important thing will be Bush's "tone." She said if "he woos us, tries to win us over," that won't sit well with Wall Street but if he "challenges us, even chastizes us," then "investors might actually buy what he's saying."

Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com said, "I want to hear that he stays the course. Worse thing he could do is show any sign of trepidation or that he's going to pull back."

Jerry Della Femina said, "History is going to be a lot nicer to this president than the American people in the next few years."

Kay Koplovitz said we don't need to hear anything more about staying the course, she'd like to know "what is the course."

Farooq Kathwari said the expectation has been that things are better than they are (in Iraq).

Cavuto asked a guest whether the "financial community" is "concerned that this is a quagmire. That's a push and a stretch, to put it mildly, but many say that and that it's a pall over Wall Street."

T. Boone Pickens said he wanted to hear the president say we'd passed an energy bill.

Cavuto asked Pickens, "Do you think if energy weren't so stubbornly high the President would not be in the poll fix he's in, Iraq not withstanding?" Pickens said he doesn't connect the price of oil to Bush's poll numbers, but that the poll numbers are because of Iraq.

Cavuto, a true Fox trooper, asked Pickens, "Does it trouble you that the way [Iraq] it's presented in the media is that it's not going well and that the President is behind the 8 ball and that he's failing?" Pickens said he didn't like the way it it is presented i the media either.

Cavuto asked of Jordan Goodman, "Do you buy the connection that the more unstable things look in Iraq, the worse it looks for oil?" Goodman said, in essence, yes.

Tom Atkins, a vicious, vicious man, said, "Victory is our exit strategy." Bush can't "fall for the Democratic ploy to weaken America." If he did, Atkins said, the market "would be scared. That would be failure."

Jonas Max Farris said Americans have patience for Iraq for about another year and a half.

Atkins said, "We're still in Japan and we are still in Germany and it took ten years to get rid of the Nazi terrorist insurgency, until 1955 was the last Nazi terrorist attack." Cavuto responded, "So, we gotta chill, right?"

Comment: Again, Fox is very excited about this speech. Yesterday it even began running a special promo for it. If it doesn't go well, the spin will be furious and hard hitting, and even the spin will contain spin. I'll let you know tomorrow how Cavuto spins it - from a "business" perspective, of course.

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