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Italy's next on John Gibson's hit list

Reported by Chrish - June 28, 2005

In today's 6/28/05 My Word segment,John Gibson had his panties in a big old wad over the Italian government's* arrest warrants issued for thirteen CIA agents who allegedly kidnapped a suspected terrorist already under investigation by Italian authorities. France is very relieved to have his anger directed elsewhere, if only briefly.

*Clarification 6/29/05: Gibson's exact wording was "Italy, in the form of an Italian investigative magistrate, is issuing arrest warrants...."

Italians believe the suspect,"Nassar Abu something or other", (from a real news source: Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, also known as Abu Omar) was rendered to Egypt to be "questioned". He was supposedly operating an Al Queda cell out of Milan, proselytizing jihad against the United States and plotting to harm us. "Evidently",said Gibson, the CIA operatives did indeed take him from Italy via Aviano Air Force Base, and shipped him out of the country. He managed to call his wife and say he had been kidnapped to Egypt and been tortured, and has not been seen or heard from since.

His wife complained to Italian authorities, who tracked cell-phone records and flight info and came up with a $144,000 hotel bill, apparently for the 13 "individuals thought to be CIA operatives."

Now the Italian government wants the US to turn over the 13 "ops", and Gibson says there is zero chance this will actually happen. In fact, measured like winter temperatures, there is a 50-below chance we would ever hand over our spies to Italy for prosecution, after they grabbed a genuine "bad guy" off the streets of Italy, And hey, Italy - why did he have the run of the house over there? You knew what he was - why did we have to do the snatching?

He continues, "They're all so Euro over there - can't be mean to our terrorists. Well we don't care. We can grab them and we will, and we aren't sending you our spies. But check out American TV on the fourth - we just might give them a parade!"

Comment: Sigh. It's a shame (in every sense of the word) he has a platform and represents Americans to the world. These are serious charges from one of our closest allies.

Some say he puts our troops in harm's way by being such an arrogant contemptuous big-mouth.

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