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Rev. Billy Graham and the Final Crusade

Reported by Nancy - June 25, 2005 -

Yesterday (6/24) on Dayside, guest host Mike Jerrick conducted a segment discussing the "Final Crusade" of evangelist Billy Graham, a favorite of Fox News,  that is taking place in New York this weekend.

The piece was an extremely positive one on Graham, and was by no means fair and balanced. Jerrick opened the conversation to the audience and asked one particular audience member a question:

MJ: "Have you been inspired even thought you haven't been there in person?"

Audience Member: "Yes, I have, because of Rev. Graham's longevity of his ministry for one thing. And it's been consistent for six decades. His simple message of faith and the consistency of his life. There has been no negative publicity about him. Everything about him through the years has been consistent and his message inspires people across ages, class, nationality."

MJ: "It seems the consistency message there is a good one. You know, you can rely on him and boy, do we need people to rely on in this day and age. That would be the shock of all shocks if there was a scandal about Billy Graham."

Comments: Shock of all shocks! Graham HAS been involved in a scandal! During the 1970's, Graham served as a spiritual advisor to President Nixon and was actually featured on the Nixon tapes. His comments on the tapes upset the religious community and at the time of their release, were viewed as a scandal. According to the tapes, Graham cracked anti-Semitic jokes, discussed how the standards of journalism had been lowered in Washington since Jews had entered the trade, and agreed with Nixon that Jews could not be trusted. He later apologized for these statements, but Jerrick and Fox do not mention this occurring, and apparently Jerrick does not view anti-Semitism coming from a religious leader as a "scandal".

Reported by Janie