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Fox Noise Live

Reported by Nancy - June 24, 2005 -

Fridays on FNL are usually the epitome of fluff & nonsense, & today's edition (6/24) was no exception. Rick Folbaum was in for David Asman, & deserves better than having to pretend that "hard news" includes "relationship advice". A big 'thank you!' to NewsHound ChrisH for the title of this post!

After Bush's photo-op with Iraqi PM Al Jabari, Folbaum recapped Bush's talking points, then at 12:05pm 'interviewed' Bill Kristol who, aided & abetted by Folbaum, reprised Bush's talking points & included several plugs for Bush's "prime-time TV address" next Tuesday.
12:07pm - Carol McKinley in Aruba reported on Holloway
12:10pm - Adam Housley in AZ reported on wildfires
12:13pm - teasers: Holloway; Dems want an apology from KRove; why "your boyfriend ... may be afraid to commit"
12:16pm - Folbaum interviewed Gil Alba (former NYPD detective) about Holloway
12:19pm - teasers: Holloway; Chris Tucker "thrown in the slammer"; "relationship advice"
12:23pm - Folbaum interviewed Ruben Trapenberg (Aruba govt spokesman) about Holloway
12:25pm - William LaJeunesse filed what Folbaum called a "fair & balanced" report about the Natl Assoc of Black Social Workers turning away Brian Parnell, who is white, from their national conference; LaJeunesse's comments included the opinion that the group that fights racism also practices it
12:28pm - teasers: Dems "taking a hard stance" re KRove; Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
12:32pm - Page Hopkins read headlines: demonstrations in the Occupied Territories; post-tsunami recovery in Phuket; home sales rise & prices fall
12:33pm - Wendell Goler reported on the White House's defense of Karl Rove's comments about liberals -- but, like the "official" response, his report was more about various comments made by Howard Dean
12:35pm - Janice Dean did a weather report
12:37pm - teasers: Holloway; relationship advice; TCruise & KHolmes
12:41pm - Folbaum bloviated a little about possible SCOTUS appointments, then interviewed Chris Bell (former Representative, D-TX) & Michelle Laxalt (daughter of former Senator Paul Laxalt, R-NV -- a fact that she, not Folbaunm revealed) -- the basic concept endorsed by both Folbaum & Laxalt was that Bush, as POTUS, can do whatever he wants
12:46pm - teasers: relationship advice; TCruise & KHolmes; Holloway
12:49pm - Folbaum interviewed E Jean Carroll (author of "Be Honest -- You're Not That Into Him Either") & Ian Kerner ("sex therapist" & GreatBoyfriends.com) about men, women & marriage proposals
12:54pm - Bill McCuddy reported on TCruise & KHolmes at the premiere of "War of the Worlds" & Cruise's interview this morning with Matt Lauer on NBC
12:56pm - teasrs: "a woman who had a fling with" a famous artist'; "Ben Stein talking moolah on Dayside"
12:59pm - Folbaum reported that among US military personnel killed in Iraq yesterday were the first women (3 Marines in Fallujah)

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's coverage of the "hard news" topics listed above). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.