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"D" is For ...

Reported by Nancy - June 24, 2005 -

On Wednesday (6/2) Brit Hume opened Special Report, as he usually does, by reading teasers for some of the main stories he'd be covering. One such teaser was: "D is for Democrats Dean & Durbin" -- but in the Fox lexicon, "D" is also for Demonize, Distort & Drivel.

Here are some examples from the program that followed Hume's unhumorous intro (I've used ALL CAPS to try to reflect tone-of-voice emphasis):

Hume (various intros):
Bush "FLOGS" the Senate to pass his energy bill
"INDIGNANT Democrats" say they won't go back to the table
"Democrat RHETORIC" in DC "continuedd at FEVER PITCH today" but Durbin had a "more humble tone"

Carl Cameron (on Bush's photo-op at a nuclear plant in MD & on the energy bill in Congress):
"EVEN Democrats who BLOCKED" Bush's energy agenda during his first term"
"70 votes [in favor of the energy bill] would be a HUGE VICTORY" for Bush
"4 years of energy GRIDLOCK"
"EVEN Democrats have begun to acknowledge that" Bush "seems ON THE CUSP OF A MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT"

Jim Angle (on Social Security):
"Democrats are DEAD SET against" it
Democrats "could vote 'no' " if private accounts are put back in but they "obviously don't want their colleagues to have that choice"

Brian Wilson (on Dean & Durbin)
Dean "seemed eager to help in Durbin's image rehabilitation"
Dean & Durbin have the "ability to let their mouths get them in trouble"
today Dean was in "another controversy" (announcing the release of the study about voting problems in Ohio in 2004) & was "forced to come back later & amend his statement"
"the White House took the high road" about Durbin

Comments: This is the language of opinion, not the lanugage of reporting the news. Does Angle's statement (that Dems "obviously don't want their colleagues to have that choice") mean that he's now channelling Dr Phil?

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (the language Fox uses in general, the specific examples given here). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.