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Summer blockbuster in new war theater - Iran

Reported by Chrish - June 23, 2005

WMDs! Ties to Al Queda! Repressive regime! War on Terrah the sequel - Shock and Dismay. As predicted by Scott Ritter, who gives the sequel two thumbs down.

John Gibson had Kenneth Timmerman, author of "Countdown to Crisis: the coming nuclear showdown with Iran", as a guest on The Big Story yesterday 6/21/05. The banners read "Iran and Al Queda Connection Uncovered" Here we go again.

Gibson starts the interview with a typically professional question: "So what's Iran doing hiding Osama Bin Laden and playing footsie with Al Queda?"

Timmerman says the Iranians have had a relationship with Bin Laden and Al Queda that goes back to 1992. The CIA has been tracking it off and on but were blinded by the notion that there could not be cooperation between Iran's Shia Muslims and Al Queda, who are Wahabbi.

Gibson tells Timmerman to hang on a minute as he goes to live footage of Dick Durbin on the Senate floor, apologizing (again) for his remarks about treatment of prisoners at Gitmo. Comment: Of course Fox had to cover that precious moment live; showing it after the ongoing segment would have trifled with its paramount importance. Adult ADD, anyone?

Back to Timmerman, Gibson said the mullahs seem to have kept control even though there were elections which seemed to be throwing them out. Why, he asks, should we be alarmed about connections we see between Al Queda and mullah control?

Timmerman says the elections are a sham, the candidates are chosen by the regime and support the regime, and there has been ongoing contacts between OBL and the top mullahs of the regime. He says OBL himself was scheduled to meet with Rafsanjani, the smiling turban,(his term) who is "poised to be reannointed president" and they were going to talk about future attacks against America. As the music begins to jangle him off stage, he says "It's very simple, John. Without support from the state (his emphasis) of the Islamic Republic of Iran Al Queda would not exist today as an organized force."

Gibson thanking him overtalks the last four words.

Comment: Message, simplified for John and his viewers. Hark back to Bush SOTU speech “from this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime,” invoke Al Queda, and stir.

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