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Neil Cavuto Defends Edward Klein, Blames "the Media," & Worries About Poor W

Reported by Melanie - June 23, 2005

Neil Cavuto's "Common Sense" editorial (or, as the chyron at the bottom of the screen says, "analysis") segment today (June 23, 2005) titled "A Modern Day Media Double Standard?" was about Edward Klein and his new book, The Truth About Hillary Clinton. What Cavuto said was so full of BS, Klein may have written it himself.

Here's what Cavuto said:

"Think quick. What is the difference between Kitty Kelley and Edward Klein? Kitty can get on TV shows to talk about her books, Ed's having a devil of a time doing the same with his. [1] Double standard? I don't know. Here's what I do know. Kitty wasted no time dishing dirt and worse on the President in her bestseller, The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty. [2] Klein's dishing dirt too, but on the Clintons, more specifically Hillary Clinton in The Truth About Hillary Clinton.

"Now, both books are way over the top, wild accusations, lots of unnamed sources. Here's the difference. Kelley got booked on shows. Ed's getting no bookings. [3] Period. [4] Kitty's book came out in the heat of last year's presidential election. Ed's is poised right before Hillary's Senate re-election. [5]

"Now could it be the media relish dirt on the prez less so on the woman who wants to be prez? [6] Who knows. All I know is its okay for Kelly to make outlandish claims on TV news and talk shows about the Bush family. [7] Why is it not okay for Ed to dish out the same about the Clinton family. [8] We are told, because of lots of unnamed sources. No way to tell, no way to know. I say good. But I also say stop. Why is it okay to dump on one family with unsourced dirt, but not another? I think the American people are smart enough to weigh these sorts of things very carefully.[9] They apparently had serious doubts about the stuff that Kitty littered. They'd probably have the same thoughts about Ed's treads. I frankly hate these kind of nameless, baseless, attacks anyway. [10] I say a pox on both their editorial houses. It's just interesting to me that Ed can't find a microphone for his musings on a media darling, but Kelly had no such problem at all for hers on someone who was, well, anything but a media darling." [11]

Comment: It's Faux News all right:

1 The reason Klein may be having a "devil of a time" getting airtime might be because his book is so full of crap that even his publisher has distanced itself from it. Here's a Penguin Group press release from earlier this week. Penguin Books has received a lot of heat for not vetting the book and they have basically told Klein he's on his own in terms of what he wrote.

2 Kitty Kelley's publisher didn't think she was "dishing dirt." As a matter of fact, they stood by her. Fact or Fiction? Kelley's Tell-All on Bush Family draws Attention and Statement by Doubleday Regarding Kitty Kelley.

3 Hey Neil! Maybe #1 and #2 have something to do with that, huh?

4 You claim Klein has had no bookings, "period." How about less than 48-hours ago Neil, on Hannity & Colmes? And a friend told me he's going to be on Air America tomorrow, the last place you'd admit he'd ever be.

5 So, you think Hillary will be re-elected huh?

6 Wanna talk about the media relishing dirt on the prez? There is so much dirt on this prez that the media in this country hasn't covered, I don't know where to begin. The media has coddled and protected this prez such that the whole world is shaking in its boots because of it.

7 See Media View Kitty Kelley's Bush Book With Caution, and
Kitty Kelley Answers the Critics

8 I go back to point #3 above Neil. Klein's own publishing house won't even vouch for him.

9 Neil, you don't believe the American public weighs "these sorts of things very carefully." Fox gets away with "analysis" like yours precisely because the American public doesn't pay attention, and it doesn't remember what happened two days ago much less two years ago. You know that and Fox knows that. You guys count on it!

10 You claim to hate these kinds of "nameless, baseless attacks" yet your network launched the Swift Boat Veterans and starred them on its screen all summer last year. If your "moral values" are such that you hate "nameless, baseless attacks," quit that stink hole.

11 You claim Hillary is a "media darling" and Bush is "anything but"? Democrats don't get media coverage Neil, unless, that is, they're being criticized. How in the world can you claim Hillary is a "media darling?" What are you talking about? As for Bush being "anything but," are you out of your mind?!! Where to begin? Bush has gotten away with murder, Neil. He's getting away with it as we speak.

My God. Using the word "Faux" doesn't begin to describe it!

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