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Rice + Brussels = A Meager Diet on FNL

Reported by Nancy - June 22, 2005 -

On FNL today (6/22), Brigitte Quinn did a very short segment that illustrates why this program is "news lite", not a "hard news" program at all.

At 11:21am (EDT) Quinn went "live to Brussels" for video of CRice "ending her Middle East tour"

Comment: What Rice was actually doing was attending a one-day International Conference to Help Iraq. UN Secy-General Kofi Annan was actually speaking in the video that FNL played, but rather than let viewers hear his remarks, FNL muted the audio & Quinn simply talked over him, blathering on about Rice did this, Rice said that, yadda yadda yadda.

At 11:32am Uma Pemmaraju read headlines, including Iraq "lays out plans" at the meeting in Brussels

Comments: In fairness to Pemmaraju, she did a better job than Quinn, even though she was "only" reading headlines. But what neither Quinn nor Pemmaraju mentioned about this would fill a book, & that book would be full of inconvenient details & facts anathema to the Bush administration. For example:
*The conference was requested by the transitional government of Iraq, & co-sponsored by the EU & the US. So I guess "Old Europe" is still good for something after all.
*More than 80 countries & international organizationsare participating in the conference. So I guess there's a place for international cooperation -- when it suits US policy.
* Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari asked for help training Iraq's military. So I guess all that Pentagon propaganda about how 45,000 Iraqi troops (or 60,000 or some other number -- it changes every time there's a different spin needed) are "fully trained" was ... er, overstated?
*UK Foreign Secy Jack Strawspoke at the conference & said, 'We want to see our troops being able to leave as quickly as possible." So I guess it's not just lily-livered liberals & peaceniks & the professional military (as opposed to the civilian dunderheads screwing things up at the Pentagon) who think that having a plan -- including an exit strategy -- is generally a good idea.
*Straw also said that Britain was 'ashamed' of prisoner abuses carried out by US and British forces. So I guess it's not just Amnesty Internationl, or the Red Cross, or the FBI, or Dick Durbin, or Wesley Clark, or Mel Martinez, or any of hundreds of others who've spoken out publicly about this issue -- it's our chief ally, too.
[Thanks to -R for those last two. I was in the process of writing this up when I saw your comments on a previous post -- you saved me some research time, & I appreciate it.]

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's coverage of Rice & lack of coverage of what was actually going on at the Brussels conference). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.