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Raunchy? Poor Taste? You Bet - Shepard Smith Reports

Reported by Donna - June 22, 2005

Yesterday, while reading Arianna Huffington's Blog, I came across a story about a referee at Wimbledon who wasn't too happy with the fact that many of the female tennis players are now grunting when they serve. Please, go and read it.

Well, Shepard Smith decided to report on it today and he resorted to his old, nasty ways. Remember the incident a few years back when the teleprompter said 'Curb job' and Shepard made an obscene remark regarding JLo? He immediately apologized. This time he didn't apologize, but he did manage to insult Maria Sharapova and women across the country.

My transcript (paraphrased but pretty much word for word) of Shepard Smith's, An Then There's This, segment

Smith: To many a tennis enthusiast, Wimbledon is the only tournament. Well, that and the U.S. Open. A place where they can still play on grass, a place that's not polluted by advertising so much. A place where all of the competitors have to wear white.

People who pay to see them have to be quiet. Same doesn't always apply for the players.

(Video pans to Maria Sharapova on the tennis court, serving with a grunt)

Smith: Ahhhhhh (trying to imitate the grunt) She's a grunter, isn't she? That's the defending Women's Wimbledon Champion in the near court, Maria Sharapova.

Sounding like, well, I don't know? 3 centimeters dialated? And setting a new personal best for grunting. One mighty yelp was recorded at more than 101 decibels. (male laughter in the background)

No word on whether it's a record. Monica Seles, c'mon. That's it.

Comment: I was personally stunned that he described her as being 3 centimeters dialated. Poor taste? You bet. Is he going to apologize? I doubt it. This 'boy's club' humor should have gone out of style in the 50's, but we're still subject to it on Fox News. And, they managed to show a very beautiful, blond, Russian woman to get the full visual effect.

The really odd thing about it is he never actually told the story of what was going on with this controversy at Wimbledon. It's not the men that Wimbledon wants to make a new rule about, it's just the women. So, a big thumbs down to the referee at Wimbledon and a bigger thumbs down to the 'male humor' of Shepard Smith and his 'boy's' club.

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