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Only a Liberal Would Choose to End a War

Reported by Nancy - June 22, 2005 -

Yesterday (6/21) on Dayside, Linda Vester interviewed soldier David Rozelle, author of the book "Back in Action", the personal tale of losing a limb in battle, and returning to the battlefield for a second tour.

Comment: Vester does not mention the ties the book has with the Conservative movement.  It has become a part of conservative book clubs, and is being promoted on Rush Limbaugh's show. For someone like Limbaugh to be lauding such a book, the point of view and subject matter of the book is obviously not discussed in a fair and balanced way, and may present a biased view, which Vester fails to mention.

The conversation began with the heroics of the author, and the general background of why the book was written. Vester then posed the question: "I want to ask you about some of these politicians who are now discussing whether or now we should have a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq. There's an e-mail I got from a viewer named John and he said: 'To set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq is incredibly stupid.  Al Qaeda has already shown that they have the patience to wait and plan. This sounds like the breast beating antics of politicians planning for the 2008 elections, not looking out for our troops'. What do you think?"

When the audience finished applauding, Rozelle responded: "Well, certainly I think timelines for wars are something that came out of the Clinton era and the administration of saying 'we'll be out in this certain amount of time', that gives the terrorists the chance to hide and wait and we don't need to do that, we need to find the terrorists and we need to kill them."

Comments: The letter which Vester read to preface her question is one that smacks of bias. The position of the viewer is also that of the Bush administration, and by promoting the statement as one made by a viewer, Vester is able to get the Administration's stance across without connecting the ideas of the viewer to those of the Administration.

Rozelle then answered the loaded question by bashing the idea of a timeline and connecting it to the policies of the Clinton Administration, causing the audience to laugh, and connect the idea of a timeline for withdrawal with a liberal policy. Unfortunately for Rozelle, this does not happen to be the case. During the Vietnam War, Republican President Nixon set up a timeline for troop withdrawal from Vietnam. In May 1969 in his "8-Point Peace Plan" Nixon called for the beginning of troop withdrawal, and in June, announced he would be bringing home 25,000 troops and 35,000 by September 16th. The idea of bringing our troops home, and setting a date for this to occur, is nothing new, most certainly not a policy that has been monopolized by liberals, and was without a doubt not begun by President Clinton. Vester allowed this misinformation to stand as fact and ended the segment without clarifying the distortion of fact presented.

Reported by Janie