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Fox Using Chemical Weapons on Workers!

Reported by Judy - June 22, 2005

Ok, they're not exactly weapons, just banned insecticides, but I thought this story deserves the same treatment Fox News would give it if it were about CBS or The New York Times. Several Fox News employees have told the internet site TVNewser that one person has been hospitalized after recent insecticide sprayings at Fox News headquarters in New York.

TVNewser reported Tuesday it received anonymous tips from Fox News employees complaining that management has refused to provide information on the sprayings in company offices of diazinon, a neurotoxin class insecticide banned by the EPA for indoor use.

The tipster told TVNewser that that the diazinon "is highly suspect in one of the female producers here having a child with Down's Syndrome. That is a major liability that no company, however noble their corporate mission may be, should be allowed to cover up and escape the liability for."

Late last week, another employee told TVNewer that the spraying was not an isolated incident. The worker recalled being "sick in bed for three days about a year and a half ago after being forced to work in an enclosed environment that had just been sprayed with insecticide. (And I mean JUST sprayed, as in I waited outside while they brought their incecticide inside and sprayed the hell out of the place.) The next day I woke up almost unable to move, coughing and sniffling."

Although the worker complained to his or her boss, nothing was done. "When roaches were spotted three months later, the same insecticide was brought out. I asked them to please spray after I had left for the day and they complied," said the employee.

Another Fox News employee reported having headaches after the spraying.

OSHA is looking into the complaints. A Fox News employee said it received the complaint only recently because the "morons" at OSHA sent it to the wrong company.

That prompted a worker to write anonymously to TVNewser: "An employee calls the OSHA people morons when they have unlicensed people spraying illegal chemicals indoors? Uh, who are the morons? And by the way the management here at FNC still has not made any
kind of statement to the employees who work in 1211 in the areas that have been sprayed with that crap."

To make matters worse, the insecticide isn't doing the job.

"I work in the New York newsroom, and two weeks ago we had to call an exterminator when roaches started crawling out of the walls
between cubicles and marched across our desktops. This wasn't an isolated corner either -- this was about 30 feet away from 'Studio N,' the little glassed in booth where anchors do newsbreaks during the primetime shows," one worker complained to TVNewser.

Some people say, birds of a feather flock together.

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