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When the Republicans are Fair, Fox Is Not

Reported by Nancy - June 21, 2005 -

Yesterday (6/20) on Dayside, Linda Vester interviewed Congressman K Michael Conaway (R-TX) about the current legislation that has been discussed in the House regarding troop withdrawal from Iraq beginning in 2006.The legislation was co-sponsored by Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC,of "freedom fries" fame).

Conaway did not agree with the legislation, and gave a thought-out opinion on why the bill would not help our situation. While he toes party line, he gives a decent and somewhat fair explanation of his stance on the bill. Since Conaway chose to be fairly unpartisan and refused to get into Democrat vs. Republican sentiments over the issue, Vester took it upon herself to do so.

During the interview she stated: "For those Democrats who -- and I'm going to say Democrats for a moment. For instance Harold Ford Jr. who's running a campaign ad in Tennesee, saying in his TV ad, he's saying it's time to start talking about bringing our troops home. Why do you think that they're, you know, if it could be so defeating, why are they talking openly about doing this?"

Comments: Vester's statement is one that shows pure bias. There are both Republicans and Democrats that are sponsoring this bill, and are calling for troop withdrawal, but according to Vester and Fox, this is purely a Democrat issue. By making the statement, she is portraying the entire argument as a partisan one, and is denying the involvement of the Republican party, in order to continue to divide, and assist in promoting the Bush administration stance on this issue.

Conaway actually corrected her by stating that this is not a partisan issue, and one that spans both aisles. He took the time to mention that his colleague Walter Jones is co-sponsoring the bill, to which Vester replied, "I'm just wondering, forgive me for sounding cynical, but I'm just wondering if it's positioning for mid-term elections."

Comments: Vester's statement does not sound cynical, it sounds completely uninformed. She boils the issue down to politics and re-election strategies, but fails to mention that it could have something to do with the sentiment back home over the war.  In the most recent New York Times/CBS News Poll, only 37% of Americans support the war in Iraq. But because the Bush administration fails to back down and look at their numbers, Fox continues to ignore the opinions of the American people, even when elected officials are actually speaking for the those that voted for them. Rather than admit the people are not happy with the war, and the officials are responding, Vester turns the issue into one of politics, and chooses to side with the administration, rather than the Americans Fox claims to have at heart with their reporting.

Reported by Janie