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Oliver North Moves In For The Kill

Reported by Deborah - June 21, 2005

Let this be a lesson to any loyal and concerned American,like Senator Dick Durbin, who dares to criticize administration policy and refuses to beg for mercy and forgiveness. People like Oliver North will make you pay dearly for your courage and patriotism.

This morning on Fox & Friends North, wrapped in his patriotic delusions, executed a vile attack on Dick Durbin and our Democracy making sure that our troops, watching Fox, thought Durbin and Democrats were against them.

North claiming that Durbin's comment about Gitmo was all over the world added,
" Durbin is nothing more then Jane Fonda without the face lift and tummy tuck. An aging anti-war protester. It's a frontal assault on American military."

North then began the threats to Durbin claiming that when people think of Jane Fonda they see her on that gun making phoney comments. People are going to to connect Dick Durbin with his comments for a very long time adding,"The American Left is going after the military."

E.D. Hill jumped in to proclaim that facts about the enlistments being down have been misunderstood because people are re-enlisting at a record rate.

North went back to Durbin demoralizing soldiers in Iraq saying that they are putting on flack jackets in 125 degree heat and when they come back to clean their weapons, they watch TV adding that it doesn't stop them from re enlisting. "Kudos to Fox", North proclaimed for being a source of support not provided by the other stations.

Then the fun started with some telephone calls. The first coming from Kevin in Georgia who asked about going into Syria. North was guarded but affirmative. Tim from Michigan asked if the soldiers heard Durbin's horrible comment and North had a field day with that one.
Final call was from Elaine in Texas asking if we are making progress in Iraq. North used that to plug his War Stories program.

After North left, the friends made an announcement that one of their fans just complained that Durbin had turned off his e-mail.

comment: It is always astonishing to me that Oliver North learned nothing from his own past experiences. His self righteous character assassinations are a cause of demoralizing of the troops. If he cared about the troops, he wouldn't want them put in danger by our mistreatment of detainees at Gitmo.The 24/7 harping about the left hating the troops on Fox is a purposeful campaign to upset and manipulate our soldiers. It is both sad and horrible to watch.

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