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More On The Downing Street Memo

Reported by Ellen - June 21, 2005

Last night on his radio show, Alan Colmes did another hour-long segment on the Downing Street Memo. His guest for the segment was Cindy Sheehan who co-founded Gold Star Families for Peace after losing a son to the war in Iraq. Sheehan testified at Rep. John Conyers' hearing last week about the Downing Street Memo and whether or not President Bush misled the United States into war against Iraq.

Claiming that her only area of expertise is "having a broken heart" as the result of "having a child killed in an illegal and immoral war," Sheehan reported that the hearings broke into some of the mainstream media such as George Stephanopoulos' This Week and Hardball with Chris Matthews and that she thinks this story is going to be "something that sticks."

Sheehan said that she's pushing for an investigation. "We deserve to know the truth. I don't care if they're Republican or Democrat. This memo needs to be investigated... All we want is an investigation into the veracity of the documents."

As happened when Sheehan was a guest in February, the callers mostly disagreed with her views but, fortunately, they were nowhere near as vicious as they were the last time. Frank from Piscataway, NJ, said he mourns the death of "this warrior" but that he doesn't like the way "she has put a shadow over his grave already."

Sheehan answered, "Too bad my son died for cowards who wouldn't fight in a war when they had a chance to fight in their war, when they did everything they could to avoid going to Viet Nam. And they're so brave with sending other people's children to war butI don't see their children. I don't see their children fighting in a war. If their fathers believe in it so strongly, why don't they send their own kids and let the kids come home who don't believe in the war?"

Colmes brought up a recent Nation Magazine article, based on reporting from the Sunday Times of London, saying that, in an effort to provoke Saddam Hussein into war, the US and British forces dropped on Iraq double the number of bombs in the second half of 2002 as in the whole of 2001. "That got almost no attention," he said. "This was in the run-up to the war when we were still supposedly debating it."

Also mentioned was the Coalition Provisonal Authority's inability to account for 8.8 billion dollars which, according to Colmes, was reported by The New York Times on 1/31/05 and has disappeared off the media radar screen.

Sheehan commented that the media has chosen instead to cover stories like the Runaway Bride.

"I'm guilty," Colmes acknowledged, but added that the media should be able to cover both.

At the top of the next hour, Colmes continued his regular Monday reading of the names of US soldiers killed in the past week. (Comment: Go ahead and attack me but I still say this is a great segment.)

Presumably, there will be more discussion of the Downing Street Memo inquiry tomorrow night when former ambassador Joseph Wilson, who also testified at last week's hearing, is scheduled to be a guest. The program will be broadcast from Aruba so that Colmes and Hannity can bring some on-the-scene je ne sais pas quoi to the latest missing white girl story.

It'll be interesting to see which story gets more air time.

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