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Heart the USA - Boycott the World!

Reported by Melanie - June 21, 2005

Earlier today (June 21, 2005), News Hound Donna posted, A Miracle on Fox!, in which she commented on Shepard Smith's repeated use of the word "miracle" to describe finding Brennan Hawkins, the Utah Boy Scout, alive in the Utah mountains.

I predict that over the next few days (and maybe longer) Fox will compare and contrast that event (and the greatness and perfection of the United States) with missing Natalee Holloway, Aruba, its alleged incompetence as a country, and the danger of venturing beyond our borders. As a matter of fact, that has already started.

Dee Fine, a radio talk show host from Birmingham, Alabama was a guest today on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, approximately fourteen minutes into the show and fourteen minutes after Smith's "miracle." She has launched a "boycott Aruba" campaign and Fox was obviously willing to help it "pick-up steam" since it gave her some valuable airtime.

Fine took off like a rocket: "America needs to keep their money at home. Now that we've seen exactly what this Aruba government's about, I mean, our hearts - this is a local girl, this is one of our own. This is a girl from America and Americans need, obviously, we can find our own people, can't we? Thank God for Brennan."

Fine went on to say that what's "coming out of Aruba" is "really frightening." She said that their "second economic support happens to be money laundering," and Aruba is a "pathway for drugs for the South American drug lords." She said Americans don't have to go to Aruba to see a "beautiful beach, gorgeous ocean or a wonderful sunsets. This country has it all and it's time Americans kept their money here." She said, "Americans know we aren't loved in this world. We're loved for our money" and we "need to start spending it at home." She concluded by saying "at this particular time in our country's history, there would be nothing wrong with seeing America first."

Cavuto wrapped up the segment asking her to "keep us updated as this boycott picks-up steam."

Comment: It looks like Cavuto just helped that steam pick up.

The notion that the United States is far and away the "best" country on the planet is a theme on Fox News. It's a thread that runs through Fox's coverage. On Sunday we News Hounds got an email from someone who thought they were emailing Fox (how anyone can confuse us with Fox, we'll never know!). The sender got Fox's message loud and clear, even before today's events. Here's the email, with the names removed:

We made our plans long ago to visit Aruba next week for our third and last time. We can't get our money back or we would. I will watch my son every minute knowing that authorities there will do nothing to protect us. We will never go there again. If any of the news reporters want to buy our airline tickets and hotel prepaid reservations to be there, we will gladly sell them.

As an aside, just think - the economy of Aruba may be affected by this frenzy all because corporate television in the United States has fixated on a missing (white) "girl" (again) in its never-ending attempt to avoid the real issues.

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