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Brit Hume complains about MSM lack of coverage

Reported by Chrish - June 21, 2005

We've all been complaining about the so-called liberal media's lack of coverage on important stories that effect us all, most recently the Downing Street Minutes. Today 6/20/05 on Special Report Brit Hume joined the chorus pointing out the paucity and placement of news.

The Downing Street Minutes story broke May 1 on the front page of The Times of London. According to Mark Memmott of USA Today, June 8, 2005, "Knight Ridder Newspapers distributed a story May 6 that said the memo "claims President Bush ... was determined to ensure that U.S. intelligence data supported his policy." The Los Angeles Times wrote about the memo May 12, The Washington Post followed on May 15 and The New York Times revisited the news on May 20.

None of the stories appeared on the newspapers' front pages. Several other major media outlets, including the evening news programs on ABC, CBS and NBC, had not said a word about the document before Tuesday. Today marks USA TODAY's first mention."

However, Hume was not complaining about the undercoverage of the DSM story. He was indignant at the downplaying, as he saw it, of Senator Richard Durbin's recent remarks about treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Read Brit: When Republican leaders last week took Illinois Democratic Senator Durbin to task on the Senate floor demanding an apology for those comments he made about Guantanamo Bay, the New York Times gave it three paragraphs of coverage on page 15. And when Durbin issued a statement late Friday quote saying he regrets if his comments were misunderstood, The Times gave that development one paragraph at the end of a national round-up of wire copy on page 10. So when Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Arizona Republican John McCain called fro a complete apology over the weekend, where did the Times put that in today's paper? Nowhere.

Comment: Maybe they recognize a dead horse when they see it. Fox is desperate to keep up the "liberal media" accusations but can't find anything to whine about since the corporate media is pretty mush cowed these days.

While they go after Durbin, Fox shouldn't forget Republican Senator Rick Santorum, comparing his colleagues to Hitler and the New York Times to Nazis. They really shouldn't let Republican Senator Tom Delay get away with comparing the Environmental Protection Agency to the Gestapo. Even though he's not elected, he's certainly tight with the administration: unindicted disruptor of anti-terror operations Republican Bob Novak compared the compromise work of Harry Reid to the holocaust.

And while they're demanding apologies, how about one from Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist for his lies and exaggerations of what Durbin actually said?

The list and the rhetoric go on. Senator Reid summed it up perfectly when he said "We're not going to discuss this anymore. We need to get to the issues that effect the American people, not the diversions that are taking place with the Republicans because they're afraid of this." (The front page of New York Times, which reported declining poll numbers for Bush.)

The second "All-Star" segment had Senator Reid's remarks as a lead-in, and Brit immediately steered the debate to Durbin's remarks and the apology/forgiveness aspect, dissecting his (Durbin's) motives. Nothing more was said about Bush's tanking popularity.

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