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Does God Hate Rev. Fred Phelps?

Reported by Ellen - June 19, 2005

If there's one thing I have learned from listening to Alan Colmes' FOX News radio show, it's to look for sexual skeletons in the closets of the farthest rightwing conservatives. My deflowering, if you will, occurred when Operation Rescue's anti-gay activist Randall Terry suddenly, in the middle of an otherwise serious discussion, "joked" about having an affair with Colmes. Next came anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley who said his first girlfriend was a mule.

Friday night (6/17/05), Reverend Fred Phelps, of godhatesfags.com came on the show and, for the second time, refused to directly answer a question about whether or not there was any homosexuality in his own background.

Phelps, who has made a career out of spewing hatred in the name of Christianity, started off this most recent interview with Colmes by saying, "You're my favorite sick Jew."

Next, he explained that he has been picketing the funerals of soldiers killed by IED's in Iraq as divine retribution for the "fags" who set off a bomb at his church. "(God) is retaliating against this evil country... They've turned America over to fags. They're bringing 'em home in body bags... This is a fag country. If you don't kiss fag ass, you've got no future in this country. You've got no future in politics. You've got no future in business... Fags run this country."

Colmes, perhaps also recalling Randall Terry, asked Phelps if he was a repressed homosexual.

As he did the last time Colmes asked, Phelps ducked the question. "If you don't get off that - you did that last time. Nobody asks that kind of an insulting question except a fag. Are you a fag?"

Colmes answered, "I'm a happy person but I'm not gay."

Phelps: Well, Then don't be asking an impertinent question...

Colmes: I can't believe you'd go on and on and on...

Phelps: What's that got to do with it?

Colmes: You froth at the mouth about homosexuals...

Phelps: What's that got to do with it?

A little later, Colmes asked if Phelps had any gays in his family. Phelps never directly answered that question either. He said, "What's the relevancy of that? Can't you hold on to a high level of debate?"

In no time, we got a glimpse of Phelps' "high level of debate" when he explained, "God is visiting the sins upon America by killing their kids with IED's... and the more the merrier. 1700 so far to 17,000. We (his congregation) will be ecstatic about it."

Nevertheless, he said he considers himself kindhearted and that he's "the only one who loves these fags."

Why don't we all write to Rev. Phelps and ask him to come clean about his own history once and for all? His website, which features Love Crusades such as today's picket against "All Hallows Catholic and other sodomite whorehouses masquerading as churches in La Jolla, Calif" provides the following contact information:

If you have an intelligent, relevant, sincere question or comment, please email us at ghf@godhatesamerica.com

I think this fits all the criteria!

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