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Jonathan Hunt Signs Long-Term Lease on Our Doghouse

Reported by Nancy - June 17, 2005 -

Last night (6/16) on Special Report, Jonathan Hunt did a curtain call of his performance on Wednesday night (6/15). This time, he was foaming at the mouth about Kofi Annan's press conference.

6:13pm (EDT) - Brit Hume read a teaser: "Kofi Annan dodges new questions about his role in the Oil-for-Food scandal."
Comment: If Hume keeps this up, I'm going to have to build a doghouse addition just for him. There are at least 3 words in that teaser that no responsible journalist would use: dodges, role (without a modifier like "possible") & scandal. Hume knows better than to sink to this level.

6:15pm (EDT) - Hume said there is "new information SUGGESTING [my emphasis, definitely not his]" that Kofi Annan played a role in awarding contracts in the UN Oil-for-Food Program, to intro the "report" by Hunt. Hunt said that Annan at his press conference "DID his best to SIDESTEP the GATHERING STORM" but the clip Hunt showed had Annan saying "I would also plead with you to resist the temptation to substitute yourself for the Volcker commission. Please let him do his work." Hunt said that when asked whether he would resign Annan "did not specifically rule it out" (which Hunt seemed to find somehow offensive).

Hunt also repeated earlier info about Michael Wilson (he's a "LIFELONG FRIEND" of Annan, as though that in itself were a crime) & said that now Wilson is "changing his story". Hunt read from a statement issued by Wilson's law firm, Schillings: "Mr Wilson never met or had any discussion with the United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, on the issue of the bid for the UN contract by Cotecna at the Francophone Summit, during the bidding process, or at any time prior to the award of the contract." Hunt then asked "Was he [Wilson] LYING then or is he LYING now?" & speculated whether it is "JUST COINCIDENCE that Mr Wilson is being represented by THE VERY SAME LAWYERS" who represent Kojo Annan.

Comments: For more background (including excellent info & links provided by our readers & commenters), please see earlier entries in this category by clicking on the "UN Oil-For-Food Program" link in the right-hand column. Since Hunt seems to be obsessed with the UN, why doesn't he do a series on what the UN is doing around the world? Like investigating the murder of former Lebanese PM Hariri; or building schools in Aceh; or providing humanitarian aid in Eritrea; or encouraging Argentina's elimination of amnesty for war crimes; or helping the Iraqis write their new Constitution. Gee, I guess none of that would fit with the "corrupt" image Fox is trying so desperately to hammer into viewers' minds.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Hunt, the Oil-for-Food program, the UN). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.