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Some Nice Words About The News Hounds - On FOX!

Reported by Ellen - June 16, 2005 -

Tuesday night (6/14/04), Alan Colmes said some nice words on the air about The News Hounds and addressed some of the comments made about him on our blog that day.

It happened while Colmes was talking about Rush Limbaugh complaining about Howard Dean's comments that Fox News is a propaganda arm of the GOP. Colmes played a clip of Limbaugh saying that Colmes should have defended Fox against Howard Dean's remarks. Colmes lamented that liberals yell at him whenever he defends his Fox News and now he has Limbaugh yelling at him for not defending Fox News.

Colmes: The point is, I HAVE defended Fox News (previously) and liberals will say it shouldn't be defended because a lot of liberals don't think Fox News IS fair and then the conservatives like Limbaugh say "Well, when is the guy - the guy never defends his own employer." So what am I supposed to do? You tell me.

You know there's a website, News Hounds, which will occasionally take me to task and occasionally is very fair to me. News Hounds, for example, posted last night how we - it's newshounds.us - how we read the names of the war dead. And I want to thank Ellen over there and Deborah who often follow what I do here at Fox. But some of their posters will yell and scream about what a whore I am simply because I take a check from Rupert Murdoch. Either I'm not supposed to be employed or - because I'm a liberal - I'm only supposed to work for what's perceived as the liberal media, and if I work for a company that is perceived as being right wing, I'm a whore - I'm taking money from "the man."

Comment: Cool!