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History Speaks for Itself

Reported by Nancy - June 16, 2005 -

Yesterday (6/15) on Dayside, guest host Uma Pemmaraju conducted a segment  discussing Larry Diamond's new book "Squandered Victory" which provides a scathing look into the problems and mismanagement of the Iraq war from the very beginning. Pemmaraju hosted both Larry Diamond, the author, and Fox News Political Analyst Dan Senor.

Pemmaraju opened the discussion to the audience, and one member gave her opinion of the war: "There seems to be a big coincidence with the start of the war and the elections, the presidential elections, that were going to happen at the same time. It seems like our President wanted to use that as power for him."

Pemmaraju then asked Dan Senor for his opinion on the audience member's statement. Senor said, "There would be no more politically ill advised move for a politician to start a war on the eve of an election. There is nothing politically helpful about having tens of thousands of troops overseas, casualties coming home, obviously tax dollars being expended for this purpose. This was not something that would derive any political benefit. So I would be shocked if that was ever a factor in the decision-making."

Comments: Unfortunately for Fox News and the uneducated viewer, Dan Senor gets his information dead wrong. George W Bush is actually the 6th President in US history to seek re-election during war-time, and also the 6th President to be re-elected during a war. According to USA Today, "Up to now, no American president who sought another term during a time of war has been defeated." Senor's statement is absolutely false, and highly misleading in favor of the Bush Administration. He diverted attention from the topic by spinning it to appear completely unimportant and unrelated. No one disputed this claim, and the viewer was left with the impression that Bush was not acting in a way unbecoming of a President.

Reported by Janie