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Ambulance Chasers - No, Car Chase Followers

Reported by Donna - June 16, 2005

While anxiously waiting for some news on the hearings on the Downing Street Memo, which I knew were going on today, I turned on Studio B with Shepard Smith to get the latest.

I sure did get the latest - the latest car chase on the LA Freeway!

Smith and Studio B are great at bringing us the latest car chase on the LA freeways, it happens steadily and you can trust Studio B to bring you the great footage with plenty of speculation.

Approximately 3:06 to 3:19 we had the car chase. (They did allow two minutes coverage of the jet that went down in Yuma, AZ) We heard such latest news alerts as 'I think it's an older Explorer with a jogging stroller on top' and 'lots of traffic on the 101'. At 3:19 we heard, 'it may be a GMC Jimmy' from Trace Gallagher in LA.

Around 3:23 after the commercial break we went back to the car chase and more speculation, 'he may be armed', may be a victim in the car, not sure', 'touchy situation' and 'the fog may be a factor'. This went on until 3:30 when they cut for a commercial break.

At 3:38, after the mid program newsbreak and a brief video of a semi truck crash in Atlanta, we went back to the car chase in LA. We heard Smith say, 'The female in this victim, who may be a victim' (He was so excited, I think he meant to say 'the female in this vehicle') We heard that police were in front and behind the vehicle and that the strips they throw out to slow cars down do not cause blowouts, they make the tires lose air gradually (whew, glad I found that out). This went on until 3:49. Then we had another commercial break.

At 3:53 they came back to the car chase and then had a brief conversation with Michael O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institute regarding Guantanamo Bay. At 3:56 we went back to the car chase where it was being reported that the police said that there were definately 3 children in the back of the vehicle. At 3:58 they lost the live feed, went to tape, back to the live feed and finally, without closing out this show, Fox cut to the Neil Cavuto show, it was 4:00 p.m.

Comment: What a waste of time. These car chases seem to be a favorite of Studio B. I think, maybe, Shepard Smith would be quite happy to be in a chopper and handle these on a full time basis. He gets quite excited by them.

Anyway, I had to miss the hearings on the Downing Street Memo, so readers, help me out. I only cover Monday through Thursday, so everyone, have a great weekend!

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