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The Slime Merchants Come After Hillary - Will She Fight or Fold?

Reported by Marie Therese - June 15, 2005

A tabloid trash merchant named Edward Klein has written a piece of garbage about Hillary Clinton. Entitled "The Truth about Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to become President" the book is set to bet released in September. On Sunday June 12th Drudge posted a larger-than-life notice about some of Klein's more scurrilous allegations. Amazingly, Bill O'Reilly is disavowing the book.

He said in last night's Talking Points Memo: "Its author, Ed Klein, is a colleague of mine on Parade magazine. He's been on the program before, but I won't put him on to discuss this book. That's because I didn't put on Kitty Kelley to discuss her book, which was full of personal attacks on the Bush family. So if I didn't do that, I can't in good conscience reverse myself in this situation."

Bill may not have invited Kitty Kelley onto his show - however he did discuss her book in order to trash Ms. Kelley for her use of anonymous sources. One wonders if he will similarly trash Mr. Klein when his book is released in September.

We News Hounds have been predicting for the past eight months that Hillary had better watch her back. There are legions of faceless right-wing drones out there picking through the flotsam and jetsam of her life in an attempt to dig up dirt.

Klein's book is the first salvo in the "War on Hillary" - it is the kind of vicious attack that we witnessed last August when the Smear Boat Veterans for Lies and Distortion made their full frontal assault on John Kerry's war record. Klein's book posits that (a) HIllary is a "revolutionary lesbian" (b) Bill is her beard, which is why she's looked the other way vis a vis his extramarital affairs and (c) Chelsea was conceived because Bill raped Hillary.

Although at first the Clinton camp ignored the book, apparently when the bit about Chelsea's conception was released, Hillary "turned furious and considered legal action" (Drudge Report, 6-12-05)

However, it appears that O'Reilly (and by extension perhaps the rest of FOX News) may be sending early warning signals to Ed Klein that the mainstream conservative media will not promote his book. Could this have anything to do with the fact that Hillary Clinton is rumored to be negotiating an alliance with Rupert Murdoch?

According to today's New York Observer

"... (The) specter of an alliance between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Murdoch—two of the most powerful and guarded figures in the world—is beginning to whet the appetites of the chattering classes.

"At the moment, the two speak of each other (through surrogates) in notably similar terms:

"'Senator Clinton respects him and thinks he is smart and effective,' said a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, Philippe Reines.

"'Rupert has respect for her political skills and for the hard work that she’s done as a Senator,' said an executive vice president at News Corp., Gary Ginsberg.

"Other evidence is still a bit lean. Lunch has been taken at News Corp.’s midtown headquarters, friendly noises have emanated from the New York Post’s editorial page, and Mr. Murdoch has retained a key advisor to Mrs. Clinton, Howard Wolfson."

First Bill Clinton praises Roger Ailes. Now Hillary is negotiating a truce with Rupert Murdoch.

Is this a smart political move? Have the Democrats finally realized that avoiding FOX News may not be the best tactic to win elections?

Or is it that Murdoch - ever the savvy businessman - has realized that it's not profitable when your ratings are in free-fall to alienate 49% of the country?

Could it be that we will see a change in tone at the "fair and balanced" News Channel?

Only time will tell.

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