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Osama Bin Laden's in Iran - Take Two

Reported by Donna - June 15, 2005

Yesterday, my fellow News Hound, Melanie, brought you the story on Neil Cavuto that had two guests who stated Osama Bin Laden was in Iran. Today, Studio B reiterated the message by bringing back one of the guest's, Kenneth Timmerman, whose book, 'Countdown to Crisis' claims that Osama Bin Laden is not only in Iran, but is planning with top regime (Timmerman's word) officials to plan new attacks on the United States.

Under the ominous banner of 'Why Nuclear Showdown With Iran Could Be Imminent' here is my transcript (paraphrased, but pretty much word for word).

Shepard Smith: United States, working with the European Union to stop Iran's nuclear program, a program that Iran says is just, after all, peaceful, for energy purposes.

But many experts (as opposed to some?) say that it's already too late and that we're headed toward a nuclear showdown with Iran, a radical Islamic nation that could be giving shelter to Osama Bin Laden, at least according to some intelligence officials. And joining us now from the D.C. newsroom is the author of 'Countdown to Crisis', Ken Timmerman.

(Video pans to a blown up copy of the book -- 'Countdown to Crisis' 'The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran'.)

Ken Timmerman is the author, live in our Washington newsroom. Ken, reading with interest, though I haven't finished. Have read with interest much of what you're saying and some of the most striking and alarming, is, if true, is that Iran is working with Osama Bin Laden to come up with the next strike on America. How can you source such a thing. What makes you say that?

Ken Timmerman: Well, Shepard, I've spent much of the last two years having extensive, face to face debriefings with former senior Iranian intelligence officials. People who've come out -- defectors with information.

One of these defectors, in fact, I've just come back from a European capital where I was speaking with him again, face to face, for a week.

He brought me information a few months ago, eyewitness information with corroborating evidence, material evidence, of a meeting, last November in Iran between Osama Bin Laden and top regime officials from the Iranian government including generals from the Revolutionary Guards. And, they were sitting in a room, with a map in front of them, plotting new attacks on the U.S. and U.S. allies.

Shepard Smith: And you contend that they are harboring Osama Bin Laden now?

Ken Timmerman: My information from these sources is that Osama Bin Laden is, in fact, in Iran. He's being sheltered by the Iranian regime and by the way, he's not alone. His #2 is there, he's been there for a while. His son is there. His military chief, the #3, the military operations planner, is also in Iran.

So, Osama Bin Laden is not the only one, Iran has an extensive material relationship with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda would not exist today, as an organized force, without help from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Shepard Smith: And further, you report in this book that not only does Iran have a little bit of nuclear material and the ability to make more, that it has enough enriched uranium to come up with 25 missiles?

Ken Timmerman: Yeah, Shepard, this is what makes Iran a clear and present danger to the United States. You have a mixture of it's terrorist record, it's support for Al Qaeda and this nuclear weapons program, which, by the way, has been going on for the past 20 years.

And, you know the man who is behind it in Iran, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the so called moderate, the darling of the state department. The man, who some people believe is going to come back as President this Friday and renew relations with the U.S. It's the last thing we should do. This man is a terrorist, he's a killer, he's the head of the nuclear program.

Shepard Smith: I'm out of time, Ken, but is a conflict, a military conflict with Iran avoidable?

Ken Timmerman: It is, I think we have one good option and that is massive funding of the pro democracy movement inside Iran. The Iranian people love us, they want freedom. We should help them.

Shepard Smith: Ken Timmerman is the guest, the book is Countdown to Crisis, available now. Ken, thank you.

Comment: Mr. Timmerman referred to Iraq's government as a regime. They are having an election on Friday, yet he doesn't care for the man who is likely to be elected. Not only doesn't he care for him, he called him a terrorist, a killer and the head of the nuclear program, yet he calls him the 'darling of the state department.'

This is the second day in a row that Fox has featured a program where they link Osama Bin Laden to Iran. He says we can do something besides invasion - massive funding for the pro democratic movement in Iran. What good does massive funding do when the election is on Friday?

Pushing for 'regime change' and saying Al Qaeda is organized within Iran, added to the Iranians love us and they want freedom, are reasons we've heard before as sufficient reason for going to war. Add in the nuclear program and they have more than enough reasons for them.

We will continue to follow this story on News Hounds to see if becomes a continuing theme.

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