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Hannity Exploits Ross Perot

Reported by Deborah - June 15, 2005

Ross Perot visited Hannity and Colmes last night to promote a Welcome Home Celebration for Vietnam Veterans in Branson, Missouri. Perot, a major backer of this event, was very excited about the festivities planned which include performances by The Beach Boys, Doobie Brothers, Credence Clearwater and even the Supremes.Although this should have been promoted as a celebration for all Americans, Hannity tried to turn it into a partisan event by asking Perot questions that would be as divisive as possible.

Hannity asked Perot what he thought about allegations made against our military. Perot blamed it on the media saying that they would run with the most sensational story adding that the false story in Newsweek put our troops in danger.

Colmes asked Perot why we can't support the troops even though we don't support the war? Colmes also asked if Perot thought we should point out injustices on both sides referring to the prisoner abuse issues. Perot gave an answer that probably displeased Hannity.
" Any time we are not following Geneva Accords it's disruptive. We can't have dual standards which give our enemy every incentive to be more brutal to our soldiers."
Then Perot backtracked saying, " Every now and then we get a stray rabbit," taking the heat off military leaders.

Hannity moved in with accusations against Amnesty International and prominent Democrats activating the response he wanted from Perot.
"Never give aid and comfort to the enemy. You know what that's a definition of."

Colmes asked Perot if he thought people should not speak out if they were against the war? Perot was careful to emphasize our freedoms but basically said that we should display a united front to the enemy.

Comment: Although Ross Perot and Hannity are on the same page, Ross Perot should be furious with Hannity for exploiting him. It is wrong to politicize this celebration.Hannity would love people to believe that only Republicans respect our military. Hannity is disrespecting every soldier who fought in Vietnam with his divisive and partisan rhetoric. What about all the Vietnam Veterans who are Democrats and those who are against war. Hannity, behaving like a selfish opportunist, conned Perot into a conversation that completely conflicts with the spirit of the event.

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