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Guantanamo Bay - Bring the Kids!

Reported by Nancy - June 15, 2005 -

Over the course of the last two days (6/13 and 6/14) Dayside guest host, Juliet Huddy has been unable to broach many of the topics planned for the show. On Monday (6/13) the show was interrupted with a "Fox News Alert", covering Dick Cheney's press conference regarding Guantanamo Bay prison and on Tuesday (6/14) the show was again interrupted by a "Fox News Alert", this time cutting to a press conference given by Donald Rumsfeld, also on the subject of Guantanamo Bay.

Both interviews discussed the legitimacy of holding prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, just how well the prisoners are treated, and how the US is doing a great job in the War on Terror. Both press conferences were played until Fox News felt it was appropriate to cut in and return to other Fox News Alerts or regular programming. Both painted a very positive picture of what is happening within the confines of the Guantanamo Bay prison, giving facts on the number of prisoners that have been captured, and those that have been released. Both discussed their stance on shutting down Guantanamo Bay and claimed that those wishing to shut down Guantanamo Bay, as Cheney put it "Â…probably don't agree with our policies anyway".

Comments: Vice President Cheney is apparently not up-to-date on those that are arguing in favor of shutting down Guantanamo Bay. On Friday (6/10) Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL), a staunch Republican and Bush supporter, made his case for shutting down Guantanamo at the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors/Florida Press Association convention. Even the rank-and file among the GOP are beginning to disagree with the Administration on this topic, and Fox News declined to mention this contradiction to Cheney's statement on either Monday's or Tuesday's show.

He continued, "These people have been treated far better than they could be expected to have been treated by virtually any other government on the face of the Earth."

Comments: While the GOP is now out creating sound bites, causing anger among the masses over the high quality of food served to the detainees, they are trying to distract the US and the world from the truths that are coming out regarding the treatment of these detainees within the prison. Amnesty International is reporting that there is wide-spread torture, abuse of the Koran, and holding people in a "legal black-hole" without charging them with any crimes. Bush and Company have responded by attacking the credibility of Amnesty International, which happened to be just credible enough to use in the push for war against Iraq in 2003.

On both occasions, there was no analysis of what these government officials stated. Fox did not attempt to dispute anything that was said, even with a wealth of information available to the public that speaks to the contrary. The viewer was allowed to watch the briefings, and were then forced to sort through the double-speak on their own.

Reported by Janie