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Letters, We Get Letters

Reported by Nancy - June 14, 2005 -

Time for another installment of the gmails we get that are obviously intended for Fox -- or maybe not even Fox, sometimes it's hard to tell *who* these people are trying to contact. Curiously, as FNC's ratings have plummeted, so have the numbers of gmails we get that are meant for Fox; that would seem to support the theory that their "fan" base is shrinking drastically. Nevertheless, there are still a few unenlightened souls out there, so herewith, for your reading enjoyment, the latest selection -- again with the original "spelling" & "punctuation", & only the names deleted to protect the ignorant.

Date: June 13, 2005
Subject: (no subject)
dear fox and friends,I would like to take a moment of your time to express my views on the subject of "GITMO" first of all, I would like to know if any one really cares about who does what with the koran? here we have people who are taught that it is good to kill americans, it will give you a better "place in heaven" and some one is concerned what happens to that bible? I am not politically estute, or estute at all for that matter, but I know this much, these people are dangerous, and should be detained,,,FOREVER,,, further more, I do not feel like it is degrading any one to use the tatics that are being employed to "gain valuable information" these people have before and will in the future,, kill us our sons and daughters, and any other american hwo they see as an obstacle in their way....
Date: June 10, 2005
Subject: (no subject)
Bill O;Reaily
How I dislike this man he will not let anyone have an opponion different then his he should be taken off this channel He is a womenizer and an abuser he lies and cheats he is a very bad man

Date: June 9, 2005
Subject: pamphlet for illegal immigrants
I just have a comment about your report on the pamphlet that the Mexican government is supposedly issuing illegal inmigrants. You reported on this topic Wednesday June 8th. From what I understand there has been a pamphlet circulating for some time, but this pamphlet does not encourage or instruct how to cross the border. This pamphlet instructs people how to stay safe while crossing. It's obvious that people are not going to stop coming to the United States to better their life. No matter what anyone does. People will risk their lives to better their and their family's life. We all have ancestors that either crossed the border or came in a boat to the United States to better themselves. I'm sure your ancestors came in a boat at some time. Thanks to them we have a better life. If it wasn't for inmigrants who would do the hard labor in this country? Who would plant and pick the vegetables/fruits we eat? Who would build our cars? Clean buildings? I think I make my point clear. Illegal inmigrants (especially from Mexico/South America) come to work, not hurt people nor are they the cause of terrorism. We are all entitled to our opinion and speak our mind, but we should be realistic also. Unless we have been in someone else's shoes, we shouldn't be so quick to judge.

Date: June 7, 2005
Subject: asshole car nothing on the l.a. freeway
turned the tv on another car chase, for over a 2hour span ,not one time did they have to stop him.it cost more money for each officer to not stop him. if the state wanted to 100 times he was in traffic and stopped or they could of stopped it, remember cops make no over time if it stops, everyone is in danger as long as this nosence goes on. just surround the van on the empty highway and stop it, would like to know how much real money was wasted on this look into it. XXXXX"S $$$$$$ it's still going on now,     why??      news intrest??  cops making overtime $$$...     what.
Date: June 1, 2005
Subject: atty hunt
i am looking for the case of john deere tractor company that employed a black man in the executive position for 30 years. After he retired he tried to buy a franchise and he was refused.  he did get an atty and won the suit. please tell us the name of that atyy and where to find him
thank you

Date: May 26, 2005
Subject: Incomprehensable
I can not believe this ever started in the first place, and also can not believe, someone does not have the knowledge to seek out who was and is getting the stuff.. Also, all involved, from the person or persons who started it , to all who knew about it, including the ones now involved who can not find who got what and how much, should be on the un-employed roles, and/or attached to those crosses you reported someone finding up in North Carolina..

Date: May 23, 2005
Subject: can we get a DIRECT answer?
Why is it when hannity asks his republican friends a ?.don't they answer it? EXAMPLE:Why did we go to war with Sadam? if he didn't have weapons of mass. destruction?Republicans : he is bad man killing many people OK ,and the Democrats  were all for it. They were all for it because  they were lied to. Now that we know the truth we are told OH  WELL, he was a bad man.SADAM And when people asked about Delays  remarks about the judges are going to pay for what they did (Schiavo) case . Cheneys answer was ,these
judges cannot lose their jobs. These are the answers given. I have NEVER seen  anything like this in my 65 yrs.THeir party DOES NOT answer  any questions pertaining  to their wrong doings Mr. Colmes, the next time  hannity interviews his   buddies would you ask him if he can get a answer to the ?.
Thank You, ***

Date: May 16, 2005
Subject: fox news
We love Fox News!!!!

Date: May 9, 2005
Subject: Florida
I am a conservative in Florida. I see so much inaccurate stuff  coming out of Colorado. Is there anywhere that I could go to talk with reasonable persons? I am not interested in dating, just conversation. If we do not fix this stuff now, it will get worse!  I really would like to get into a clean chat room in your area. Help?

Date: May 9, 2005
Subject: (no subject)
Hello Fox News;
Being a dumb country boy I'd like to ask all the fox news experts a couple questions for me .
 1. Is it true or not that the government has borrowed monies from the social security funds over the last 40 years and if it had been left alone the interest acquired would have let social security able to meet its obligations till the year 3000 ?? if so why doesn't the government just put back the funds ?? And NO I do not believe that they should privatize SS as the way I see it is the only ones that will see any money to speak off will be the brokers and those associated with them the average POOR Americans do not have the finesse to play the stock market profitably.
2. You folks have paid tribute to Johnny Carson But haven't learned a dang thing from his legacy that being LISTENING TO PEOPLE most time your reporters are more concerned about getting there point of view across rather then listening to there guest.. Shawn Hannity is one of the worst for this with O'Reilly close behind .. well thanks for the opportunity to write this and I really hope that you can and will answer my questions..
***, Idaho