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Cross Promotion and Hey,The Torture Wasn't That Bad

Reported by Donna - June 13, 2005

In a segment with a banner that read, 'Vice-President Says No Plans to Close GITMO', Studio B with Shepard Smith did some cross promotion and discussed the Time story on torture before joining the Michael Jackson circus. They actually managed to promote three other shows during the few minute segment.

Below is my transcript for the segment, paraphrased, but pretty much word for word.

Shepard Smith: Well, the divide in the Beltway is getting wider, possibly even within the Republican Party. In fact, definately within the Republican Party, over whether to close the terrorist detention camps, er..suspected terrorist detention camp at Guantanamo Bay.

The Vice-President saying there are no plans to close up shop (Shepard speak). This, as another controversial report comes out describing a suspected Al Qaeda members' account of interrogation (word undecipherable, sounds like detacts, may have meant details or techniques, detacts is not a word) and despite a fascinating go around between Brit Hume and Bill Kristol yesterday on Fox News Sunday. If you're not watching that Fox News Sunday, I mean, you better start watching that show. (Cross promotion #1) Wendall Goler on the West Lawn now, Wendall?

Wendall Goler: Time Magazine focused on the interrogation techniques at Guatanamo Bay in the fall and winter of 2002 when authorities feared another Al Qaeda attack was brewing. (Thanks for providing the administration's excuse)

They weren't necessarily illegal techniques (what exactly does that mean, they may or may not be illegal?), but they were distasteful enough (that) the administration immediately went on the defensive.

Vice President Cheney telling the Ford Foundation today, "If we didn't have the prison at Guantanamo Bay, we'd need another like it, somewhere else."

(Switch to video of Cheney) Cheney: "Given the nature of the conflict that we're involved in, there would need to be some kind of a facility that would allow you to detain people that are enemy combatants, in affect, who, if you put them back out on the street will do their level best to return back to the battlefield or to complete their original mission of trying to kill Americans."

Wendall Goler: Time Magazine focused on prisoner #63, Mohammed Al Qahtani (spelling not provided and unable to find on Google), who officials say would have been the 20th hijacker but he was denied entry into the U.S. in August of 2001. Al Qahtani, later captured in Afhganistan and later sent to Guatanamo.

When nearly a year of questioning failed to produce information, authorities got permission (from who?) to use intensified interrogation techniques (so that's what they call it now?), depriving him of sleep, dripping water on his head, humuliating him by keeping him nude for long periods of time, making him urinate in his clothes.

Eventually, he started giving up information on Al Aqeda and on other detainees. Administration officials say lives have been saved. (which officials and which lives?)

Vermont Senator, Patrick Leahy (D), in a statement says that Americas image is soiled. He said GITMO, like Abu Ghraib, is a national disgrace and what he called a legal black hole that dishonors our principles.

Vice President Cheney told Fox News Channels' Sean Hannity, in an interview to be broadcast tonight, "There are no plans to close Guatanamo Bay", though the President told our Neil Cavuto last week that's an option he might consider if it was a matter of American Security. (Cross promotion for shows 2 & 3)

Uh, Sean Hannity's interview with the Vice President on Hannity & Colmes tonight at 9 o'clock Eastern Time. (Go ahead, plug it again)

Shepard Smith: Indeed it is Wendall, thank you. Sean will join Cavuto at the top of the hour, so Sean can tell Neil about his talk with the Vice President. (On a full screen we see Dick Cheney's picture and in big letters: EXCLUSIVE Vice President Dick Cheney)
And then, you can actually watch the interview tonight on Hannity & Colmes.

Comments: Where do I start? Three shows were promoted on this one segment of Studio B; Neil Cavuto's, Hannity & Colmes, and Fox News Sunday. They even informed you of a cross promotion on Cavuto's show - Hannity was going to make an appearance on it.

The torture, what can I say? Who decided to use 'intensified interrogation techniques'? And what, exactly does that entail (where there more than what were named?)? And, this is ok, why? Because an administration official (not named) said that it saved lives (ok, how, when?). Are these vague descriptions a pattern and a standard answer that this administration uses? As Fox used to say, we report, you decide.

And one more thought - Cheney says there are no plans to close Guantanamo and Bush said that all options will be considered. Who wins?

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