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News Lite -- Less Filling, More Distracting

Reported by Nancy - June 10, 2005 -

Today (6/10) FNL was the standard Friday mix of news lite, from extensive live coverage of "The George W Bush Travelling Road Show" & "The George W Bush Photo Op at the White House" to fluff they love ("hot properties"! "), to eye candy ("MASSIVE TERROR DRILL"! truck "crash on tape"!). Rick Folbaum was in for David Asman. Neither Folbaum nor Brigitte Quinn seemed uncomfortable with the usual FNC tactics of distraction applied to any "hard news" story that might not be a good fit with the Foxian world view. No mention of the Downing Street Memo, of Sensenbrenner cutting off testimony about abuses of the USA PATRIOT ACT, of Bolivia, of NATO, of the Italian hostage freed in Afghanistan ... well, you get the picture.

Bush coverage:
11:01am - live coverage of Bush speaking at National Counter-Terrorism Center in McLean VA
11:20am - Quinn interviewed Sen KBHutchinson (R-TX) about Bush's speech, the USA PATRIOT ACT, Gitmo
11:30am - Folbaum interviewed James Sasser (former Senator, D-TN & former US Ambassador to China) about Bush meeting with South Korean President Roh & about US relations with East Asia in general
12:34pm - live coverage of Bush & Roh photo op at the White House [comment: lower-third graphics mostly read "President Bush meets with South Korean leader", as though Roh didn't have a name]
12:43pm - Folbaum interviewed Bill Kristol (reactionary ideologue) about Bush meeting with Roh & about US relations with East Asia in general

Not mentioned:

World News:
*Italian hostage freed in Afghanistan
*U.S., Britain reach deal on debt relief for poor nations
*Bolivian Lawmakers Select Caretaker President
*UN nuclear chief faces Iran challenge in third term
*Serbia denies it has Mladic hideout in its sights
*Explosion at Spain's Zaragoza airport after warning call from ETA
*NATO Ministers Endorse Mission to Sudan

US News
*The Downing Street Memo
*U.S. 10-Year Notes Fall for 3rd Day, Longest Slump Since March
*Citigroup Paying $2B to Settle Enron Suit
*Bush fund-raisers nominated [for plum ambassadorial posts in London and Rome]
*Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal exceeds $1 billion
*Judiciary Chair Cuts off Testimony on Abuse of USA PATRIOT ACT

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's failure to cover "hard news"). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.