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Deep Throat and Donald Trump

Reported by Nancy - June 10, 2005 -

Yesterday (6/9) on Dayside with Linda Vester, guest hosts Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy spent about 20 minutes conducting an interview with Donald Trump.

One of the first questions that was asked of Donald Trump was regarding his political affiliation. Trump responded "Well, I'm actually a Republican." The audience began to cheer loudly and amidst the cheers, Mr. Trump stated "Which of course of Fox…  Which is tough for Fox to handle."

Comments: Mr. Trump displayed his affiliation and the entire studio audience erupted into a cheering frenzy. If the show is so fair and balanced, where are all of the Democrats in the audience, and why does a guest receive applause for belonging to a particular party, if both sides are so fairly represented? Mr. Trump commented on Fox's notoriety for being biased, to which Juliet Huddy responded "Watch it there buddy!" She gave no correction or argument, she simply attempted to silence him from stating the truth to the audience.

The interview continued, and they opened the discussion up to the audience. Mr. Trump fielded questions pertaining to many insignificant matters (i.e., his opinions on Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe) but the final question certainly riled Mr. Trump.

An audience member asked Mr. Trump for his opinion of Watergate's hero, Deep Throat.
DT: "I think he's disgusting. I think he's scum. I don't care how old he is, how sick he is, I think he ought to be arrested. He was an FBI agent, essentially, and he was ratting on the President.  He could have done something against the President, he could have reported the President, he could have resigned and said something."
MJ: "What do you think would have happened to him if he had actually gone to his superior and told him about this?"
DT: "Well he only had one superior, I mean he was the second guy in the FBI. He could have resigned and had a news conference, he could have said I won't do this but instead he was underneath, I think he's disgusting and frankly I'd arrest him, I'd throw him in jail. I think he's a disgusting person, totally disloyal to the country. Here's a guy that works at the FBI, and he's ratting out his President, and you know, hey if the President did something wrong, who knows if he did something wrong? This guy shouldn't have done it the way he did it."

Comments: It can be understood that a successful businessman like Mr. Trump does not appreciate whistleblowers. However, Mr. Trump questioned whether Nixon was guilty of the crimes that he was alleged to have committed, supporting the Republican President despite all of the evidence that has been accumulated over the past 30+ years. He then went on to state that Mark Felt (Deep Throat) should have taken the information to his superior. What Mr. Trump neglects to mention is that Mr. Felt's superior happened to be J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover and Nixon's relationship dated back to 1947, and while Nixon was using physical surveillance and background checks on his list of "enemies" or those he thought might be leaking information, it was Hoover that suggested electronic surveillance and wiretaps. Felt would have been unable to go to his superior with the information he had, as Hoover already knew what Nixon was up to and did nothing to stop him. Mr Trump then called Mr. Felt a traitor. By definition, a traitor is "someone who betrays his country by committing treason". Mr. Felt does not fit this description, as he did not betray his country. The man that actually was betraying his country and the Constitution was President Nixon.

Mr. Trump's comments were met again with great cheering, and without any further discussion on the topic, the segment ended.

Reported by Janie