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"Torture? What Torture?"

Reported by Nancy - June 9, 2005 -

Yesterday (6/8) on Dayside with Linda Vester, guest host Mike Jerrick spoke with reporter Andrew Stack, live from Abu Ghraib prison. Fox News received the exclusive inside look at Abu Ghraib, and ran segments throughout the day entitled "Inside Abu Ghraib One Year After Prison Abuse Scandal". Stack began the segment discussing the high amount of attacks that Abu Ghraib has been under recently, from mortar attacks, to insurgents attempting to break in and free those that are imprisoned there.

Stack interviewed Corporal Angus McClellan about one recent attack that he was, as Fox put it, "single-handedly" responsible for quelling:

AM: "I was standing at the front gate with my buddy Brown and the rounds started coming in, so I told him to get in the bunker and we got in the bunker and my buddy Strauss was in the bunker too. I started running down to the CP, the commander, to tell him we were alright and get the guidance on what to do. And when I was sitting in that bunker, I stopped in a second bunker to take some cover from the small arms fire that was coming in, and I looked down the lane and I saw a bunch of detainees starting to come out of the wire so I ran down and jumped in the next bunker next to the hole and I started to shoot rubber bullets to the crowd to hold them off. Those weren't too effective, so I had to pull out my pistol and hold them off and yell and scream to tell them to get back under the wire. They started chanting Allah Akbar and throwing rocks and busting up the lights and then they brought this big tent that was right behind me. They brought this big tent and caught the tent on fire and threw mattresses on the wire in front, they were basically trying to smoke me out. So I just screamed at them, using my pistol, holding them off for a while, did that for about 45 minutes and then um, the rest of the team eventually showed up, secured the compound and we just carried on."

AS: "From what I understand, one of the colonels was talking to me and said that they had actually asked you to put your pistol down and let them go. And you stood up to them at that point."

AM: "Right, the chief of the detainees, who I interacted with a lot of the time, he came out with the megaphone and asked the whole crowd to stop throwing rocks for a second and they all started chanting 'go matt go, no problem, no problem' and so I just started screaming at them some more and they started throwing the rocks again and the whole thing started back up…"

AS: "Thanks a lot, I appreciate you talking with us. A very difficult situation for some of the young men here, but they seem to be stepping up to the challenge and that is the latest from Abu Ghraib."

Comments: A heroic act by a young group of soldiers is definitely something that we need to hear about this war. However, in a segment that is entitled "One Year After the Prison Abuse Scandal", the viewer would expect to hear a report on the actual torture, or an update on what has happened to those in charge of commissioning the abuse in the first place. But not Fox, not one word was uttered as to what happened to the detainees there.  Fox, again, decides to completely gloss over the torture and turn Abu Ghraib into a prison where our soldiers are constantly under attack. Instead of discussing a wide-spread problem that is plaguing this war, Fox chooses to downplay the torture aspect and turn our soldiers into the ones that have had to endure such terrible hardship in Abu Ghraib. This segment fell in line with the Bush policy of down-playing or ignoring all things bad in this war, and paint a picture of heroics amongst our soldiers to drum up support for a war that 60% of Americans do not agree with.

Reported by Janie