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Where's the Beef?

Reported by Nancy - June 8, 2005 -

Yesterday (6/7) on Dayside with Linda Vester, guest host Mike Jerrick stood in for Linda, who was on vacation. Apparently, Fox News has decided when the host of the show is on vacation, so is the news! The entire episode consisted of two segments: a 15-minute piece on the missing girl in Aruba, Natalee Holloway, and the remainder of the show was spent on a "Fox News Alert", or 45 minutes worth of reporting on the California high speed chase that took place yesterday afternoon.

While high speed chases are the norm in California, and many people on the west coast stop what they are doing in order to watch the progress of the chase, the entire nation does not come to a stand still (outside of the O.J. chase) to watch a kidnapping suspect drive around the large highway system of Southern California. Fox News is a national "news" channel, and to spend 45 minutes of an hour long show devoted to such inconsequential, sensational topics, when there are many more important issues that the American people need to know, understand and discuss, is ludicrous.

Mr. Jerrick felt that this news was extremely exciting, and for those of us worried out in viewing-land, he made it clear, repeatedly, that he was seeing the events live and that the audience was seeing the events with a 5-second delay. He kept reminding the audience of the high-speed chase that ended with the suspect being killed on live television, and made it clear that Fox was above showing such footage. [Comment: Fox News is above showing footage when a chase ends badly, but it's important to show the footage of the actual chase and hope nothing goes wrong?]

According to the Linda Vester page on foxnews.com, June 7th's topics were to include: Natalee Holloway, the Texas teenager that is going to jail for helping his girlfriend miscarry their children, more on the Michael Jackson trial, and an interview with John Bradley, author of "Saudi Arabia Exposed: Inside a Kingdom in Crisis". The interview was not only to plug his book, but to discuss whether Saudis are responsible for many of the attacks occurring in Iraq. And I feel confident to say that uncovering the Saudi's role in the Iraq war and 9/11 is much less important than watching a car, with large shiny wheels, driving around for an hour. At least in Fox's "fair and balanced" fantasy world.

Reported by Janie