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The Ongoing Saga - Be Very Afraid

Reported by Nancy - June 8, 2005 -

Today (6/8) FNL was mostly about 4 "terror suspects" arrested in CA, with the message that it's "not just a big city problem" repeated by anchors & by reporters in the field. Bob Sellers was in for David Asman, so at least there was no Asman Observer, but one Sellers interview was in the UNfair & UNbalanced mode so prevalent on FNL.

11:11am - waiting for press conf at Lodi County "Islamic mosque" [comment: is there another kind of mosque?]

11:15am - Quinn said a father & son are "accused of being IN CAHOOTS with Al Qaeda" thens said "lets listen" while FNL went live to the mosqie spokesman; but FNL gave him only 1/3 of the screen while running video of the mosque, then Quinn recapped his statement

11:31am - Kathryn Herridge reported that law-enforcement sources "confirm to Fox" that a "connection does exist" between suspects, that it's "not just a big city problem" & "more arrests are possile" because there may be a "network" of terror cells in the US.

11:47am - teaser: Californian "training in Pakistan with Al Qaeda to kill his fellow Americans"

11:56am - teaser: Al Qaeda terror cell

11:59am - ALERT - Sellers said that 4 were arrested in CA & one of them was "trained to attack hosps & supermarkets" to intro a phone report by Claudia Cowan in Lodi. Cowan repeated the mantra that it's "not just a big city problem", said that father & son are charged with lying to the FBI. She was particularly outraged that the young man accused of training at a camp in Pakistan "even used photos of Bush & other admin officials for target practice."

12:01pm - KHerridge essentially repeated her earlier report (including "not just a big city problem")

12:08pm - teasers included: 2 US citizens arrested in CA

12:18pm - teasers included: 4 arrested in CA

12:21pm - ALERT - 4 arrested in CA; CCowan essentially repeated her earlier report, adding details of the FBI search of the suspect's home & a clip of the mosque spokesman's earlier statement

12:24pm - Sellers interviewed Steve Emerson ("counter-terror expert" & author of "American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us"). Sellers asked if the CA arrests are the "tip of the iceberg" & Emerson cited the arrests 2 weeks ago in NY & FL. He also said he found it "striking" that there are still training camps in Pakistan. Sellers asked a good question: "Does the Pakistan governmentt know that? Emerson said they could probably use "plausible denial" but "I can't imagine how they would not be aware." He claimed that there's a "far more extensive" network of sympathizers apparent in the pattern of arrests over last 3.5 yrs. Sellers repeated the mantra that it's "not big city problem" & asked does this change the tactics used to look for "bad guys." Emerson didn't know about that, but claimed there were "2 good things" about the 4 CA arrests: there was advance intelligence about one of the suspects, & the no-fly list worked. He then said there may be "other types of cells" out there & "I have to believe this is far more extensive", citing the trial of al-Arian in Tampa.
[Comment: the pattern of arrests so far reveals a series of unsuccessful prosecutions -- in the few cases the DOJ has even chosen to prosecute -- as well as a series of plea deals involving significantly less serious charges than those announced with great fanfare. There was no one to counter or question Emerson's assertions, all of which seem designed to pump up sales of his book. The entire interview assumed that all suspects identified by DOJ or other law-enforcement agencies are guilty.]

12:39pm - teasers included: 4 arrest in CA

12:53pm - teasers included: terror suspect used photo of Bush "for target practice"

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's fear-mongering; DOJ's "terror"-related investigations, arrests & prosecutions -- or lack thereof). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.