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Sexual Bias on Fox?

Reported by Donna - June 8, 2005

In the world of too much political correctness, I hesitated to make this report about Studio B today, but what the heck, if it bothered me, it may have bothered you, too.

Shepard Smith was speaking about it being hurricane season since June 1, and everyone should have their necessities ready; the bottled water, the batteries, the flashlights, the duct tape, etc. Then he said it --- Mom?

Mom?!?! Why is it -- mom? Why is this a women's duty? Because it's a menial task, a caretaker job that no man would belittle himself to do?

Then I started to think about the crime novels I have read where the male detectives would enter a families' house and comment that the mother (or wife) must be a terrible housekeeper because there was dry food caked on the stove. Is this what women are supposed to do, the slop jobs? Why not say, gee, the father (or husband) must be a lousy housekeeper?

Shepard has admitted to being a 'good ol boy' from down south, so maybe this is how he thinks of women -- as the housewife, one who must be responsible for menial household tasks.

It also got me thinking about the personnel that make up Fox. There are several old men, Brit Hume, Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson, and others. But then you look at the women, most are young, bouncy types. The only so called 'older' woman would be Greta Van Susteren, and she had a face lift before she took the job at Fox.

Comment: Fox's attitude towards women is something I'm going to keep an eye on from here on out. It doesn't help them at all to constantly replay the Paris Hilton tape. Yep, sex it up, but make sure they're young enough eye candy for the viewers. The men? They can look like the old past middle aged men that they are. Oh, and please don't suggest that 'they' do the shopping, only women can do that.

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