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Fox's Megyn Kendall says medical marijuana use "risky"

Reported by Chrish - June 7, 2005

Megan Kendall reported today 6/6/05 on Special Report about the US Supreme Court's decision that overrides states' rights on the medical marijuana issue. As Brit Hume said in the introduction, "If Americans want to smoke medical marijuana legally, the Supreme Court ruled today that they must turn to Congress to write new laws. The high court ruled that the current federal law banning marijuana takes precedent over any state law permitting it."

John Walters of the National Drug Control Policy said it's a very good decision, which does what needs to be done, i.e. clarify the law and "put the sideshow of medical marijuana behind us, and focus on the dangers and preventing further marijuana use."

The plaintiffs claimed that Congress had no right to criminalize something approved by state legislatures. The Supreme Court "sided with the Bush administration, citing the US Constitution, which allows Congress to regulate acts which substantially effect commerce between the states."

Comment: How can a substance that is illegal, banned, be subjected to commerce laws? Are they talking about legalized pot affecting liquor and pharmaceutical sales?

Justice Stevens, in the majority opinion, wrote "...that the California exemptions will have significant impact on both the supply and demand sides of the market for marijuana...is readily apparent." The court, to support this contention, said unscrupulous doctors could prescribe too much if it was financially lucrative to do so. Excess supply in the patient's hands could end up on the black market. (Comment: This applies to all drugs. Just ask Rush Limbaugh.)

The plaintiff, in a statement after the decision, asked that the system "please use common sense. Do not waste taxpayer money by coming in and locking us up."

Megyn Kendall had the last word with "The high court noted that not all hope is lost for users of medical marijuana, pointing out the democratic process could someday result in a change in federal law. Until then, users of medical marijuana can count criminal prosecution among the risks of using the drug."

Comment: Beautiful healthy Megyn parrots the lie that marijuana use is risky. The only known risk of marijuana use in this country is manmade, and has only been so since 1937. The people interested in keeping marijuana illegal are the big pharma and alcohol industries who are making a killing (literally) with their various legal drugs, and the people who took "Reefer Madness" seriously (not coincidentally, made in 1936).

The time may be right to contact your Congressperson, particularly those who were so very concerned about Terri Schiavo's healthcare, and tell them to change the corporate-friendly marijuana laws in this country. As Bill Maher says, it's a matter of personal preference. Freedom.

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