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The War is Going Well - Say the Profiteers

Reported by Nancy - June 3, 2005 -

Yesterday (6/2) on Dayside, Linda Vester conducted a very in-depth discussion on… nothing!

The entire hour-long show consisted of segments on Michael Jackson, the Runaway Bride, NASCAR, the California landslide, a discussion concerning the case of a mother in Nevada who lost her children, an interview with Dean Cain about National Fish and Boating Week and approximately 3 minutes discussing Al Zarqawi's injury and "Operation Lightning" that is currently being waged in Iraq. During the brief segment on Iraq, Linda spoke with former CIA Agent Mike Baker.

Comments:  Mr. Baker was a CIA operative for 14 years, before beginning his own security firms. He was CEO of the security firm Diligence which set up shop in 2003 in Baghdad. Diligence is the sister company of New Bridge Strategies (based in Houston, TX), and both have received money in aiding the rebuilding of Iraq. New Bridge Strategies paid Neil Bush $60,000 in consulting fees in order to procure contracts in Iraq.

Mr. Baker stated "While the US forces are providing intelligence support, and logistical support, and coming in on specific requirements, it is in fact being led for the most part, and staffed for the most part, by the Iraqis."

Comment:  In Mr. Baker's assessment of "Operation Lightning", the Iraqis are firmly in charge of the battle, while the American troops are in the shadows aiding the Iraqis from behind the scenes. While there are 40,000 Iraqi troops involved in this operation, which does account for 80% of all troops involved, there remain 10,000 American troops that are a part of the operation. He does not deem it necessary to mention these American troops that are in harm's way, and paints a picture that the Iraqi's are gaining control of their own country. With Mr. Bakers obvious involvement in war profiteering and his connections to the Bush family, it is apparent that his opinions are biased and conform to those of the Bush Administration. Mr. Baker was the only guest for this segment, so his opinions were left unquestioned.

Reported by Janie