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The Big Lie

Reported by Nancy - June 3, 2005 -

Last night (6/2) on Special Report, Brit Hume devoted his one-on-one interview segment to yet another reactionary ideologue, & the "All Stars" unanimously bashed Howard Dean in particular & the Democratic Party, in general. repeating (yet again) The Big Lie that Dems have "no plan" for much of anything.

At 6:21pm (ET) Hume interviewed John Hulsman (Research Fellow specializing in EU studies, Heritage Foundation) about voters rejecting the proposed EU Constitution. Hulsman was suitably sour & on-message; he called Valery Giscard d'Estaing "the failed French president" & the document a product of "elitist European ... graduate school." Hume actually tried to ask decent questions (e.g., about further Euro economic integration) but Hulsman seemed interested only in repeating reactionary stereotypes about the Brits (pro-business, pro-US), the French ("socialism, protectionism, anti-Americanism") & the Dutch ("one of the most pro-free-market" groups), & even Secy of State CRice (her remarks about the EU vote were the "old speak" of the State Dept). Both Hume & Hulsman agreed the the proposed EU Constitution was "448 pages & still not specific enough."

Comments: Hulsman could have used the 6 minutes of precious air time to educate viewers about what the EU Constitution involved but he chose instead to speak in preditable sound bites, & Hume let him get away with it. Neither Hume nor Hulsman mentioned any possible bias Hulsman might have, although his recent writings on the Heritage Foundation website include gems like "The Bush Administration Should Not Back the European Constitution" (02/16/2005: "An EU-wide foreign policy is not in the US interest"). And I'm still waiting for Hume to interview someone -- anyone -- who could even remotely be considered progressive.

At 6:3pm Hume did his "Grapevine" segment:
1 - HDean said fundraising is "better than we had dared hope" but the DNC is far behind the RNC
2 - Amnesty International top officials have recently give money to Dem campaigns
3 - Columbia Journalism Review (is it a "liberal political journal masquerading as a journalism review?") turns to Victor Navasky for advice
4 - WaPo said Pat Buchanan labelled Mark Felt a traitor but Buchanan never called him a traitor & WaPo issued a correction [comment: which is more than FNC does]

At 6:42pm Hume showed a clip of HDean at a "conference of the American left" (the real name of the conference is "Take Back America") in DC. The "All-Stars" (FBarnes, JBirnbaum & JWilliams) were ready to bloviate, but first Hume noted that Williams had dinner with Dean the night before & asked him about that. Williams said Dean "tried to give a sense of the direction he's trying to take the party" & gave examples of a couple of Dem initiatives in a couple of states. Hume asked, incredulously: "He thinks these states can be turned blue?" Williams took the cue & became more conciliatory & subservient, saying the Dems know they've got to "make it acceptable to be a Democrat." Birnbaum chose a different angle, pointing out that the organizer of this event, the Campaign for America's Furutre, is a "rival" to the Dem Party, raising as much money as the DNC. He also repeated The Big Lie about Dems having no "positions" on issues. Barnes was indignant that Dean "can't make Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi do anything" & thought it terribly clever to use the title of the conference as a way to bash Dems (they can Take Back America but "then what are you gonna do with it?"). Like Birnbaum, Barnes smugly repeated The Big Lie that Dems have no proposals for Soc Sec, Medicare, tax cuts.

Comment: They never get tired of repeating The Big Lie about Dems having "no plan." On May 2 (another Special Report installment of The Big Lie) I posted about how there are at least 4 alternative plans to Bush's SocSecScam. So I repeat: if the "All-Stars" aren't lying about this, but are simply unaware of the existence of any alternate proposals, then they're the most ill-informed group of talking heads on the air.

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