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Hannity & Drudge Take Hypocrisy To New Level

Reported by Deborah - June 3, 2005

Matt Drudge joined Hannity in Las Vegas tonight to talk about Bill Moyers but it quickly became clear that Moyers was not the real reason for the interview. Drudge had recently reported on his website that the Pentagon had confirmed the stories about the Quran desecration at Gitmo and he and Hannity wanted to do some damge control.

Drudge full of self congratulatory arrogance noted that the Pentagon dropped the story on Friday hoping that the story would be lost but he picked it up.
" When will the mainstream media catch up?" Drudge asked.

Then Drudge pondered why the Left is so determined to make fun of the military adding that the Left cheers when the military makes mistakes.

Colmes,in New York, asked Drudge, "Who on the Left is cheering?" Drudge seemed surprised by the force of Colmes'question mentioned the e-mails he recieved on his website.Realizing that this sounded pretty lame added "Who are you making spokesperson for the left?"

Drudge unable to tell Colmes who on the Left were cheering started talking about impeachment proceedings in Congress and then threw out Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins as examples of something Lefist.

Then Drudge went after Newsweek for retracting their story. "They should have held tough!" Hannity, who had ripped up Newsweek for printing the story, remained silent. Of course neither of them mentioned the outraged denials of the story by Cheney and Bush who called the allegations "absurd."

Immediately following this segment, Steve Centanni reported the Pentagon's confirmation adding a new twist to the report. Centanni claimed that detainees had also taken part in Quran desecrations at Gitmo but their motivation was still not clear.

comment:Guess everyone is supposed to forget about how Newsweek was blamed for causing massive riots and killing 17 people with a few sentences in there Periscope section. Now, Drudge should be admired for courageously reporting the truth and the horrid Left are at fault for "making fun of the military and "cheering" at their mistakes.The self righteous denials by Bush and Cheney should now be forgotten as we join together in sadness that this mistake has been made by a few misguided members of our Military. What will we learn about those Gitmo detainees with unclear motivation? Perhaps we will hear more about their possibly pivotal role in this developing story. With this much damage to repair, anything is possible.

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